Saturday, October 01, 2005


Desire is found on many levels. The first level is our 3 dimensional existence. We "desire" fame, fortune, success, money and the love of a beautiful man / woman. We pray to God / Source Of All Things for material benefits to satisfy our ego / consciousness. Sometimes we get into various pots of water and pray to God to get us off the hook. Sometimes she does & sometimes she doesn’t. Life is a learning process (isn’t it ??) and sometimes we have to "sweat" to reach the next level. Sometimes, we go beyond prayer in a formal setting and just talk to God as we walk along doing our 1st level activities. During those conversations, we may inadvertently make suggestions to God about our life in a non wanting / pleading way. Sometimes, through a series of seemingly unconnected events over God’s "Time", God brings that off hand suggestion into our 3 dimensional reality. Sometimes, God comes to you through your Life Force and says "I’ll take you on a wondrous journey helping others. I’ve given you a powerful skill set. Be careful how you use it as it carries great responsibility. There will be no glory and sometimes the walk will be difficult. You may not always see me, maybe even feel abandoned, but I’ll be there." And the journey began!!


shyloh said...

shyloh's silent moments

Maybe you would like to read my silent moments sometime. I deleted my old one sometime back. But You have inspired me to start again.

We always need to be careful what we ask for, we may be very disappointed when we get it yes?

Our thinking is so important. I have a love for others so much. And I have not been about to balance it out as of yet. Life is precious. And I love it all. And I wish for all to overcome the difficult situations in life. But all that is an illusion. Life is perfect. (smile)

I am impressed, I like the way you "THINK"

Jane said...

Desires. That word sets off many thoughts from the beginning to become a woman. ;) The age you will never know. I feel that age is much like reality why bother with superflous categories. I will let you know I am looking forward to the year older, I think it will bring some sort of peace. Thank you for your birthday wish, I hope they continue, I am sure there will be more birthday thoughts...

Thank you,