Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Space / Time Strings & Entropic Forces

Particles, objects, events and messages are rolled up strings containing unknown information . Each string has its’ own value. If the strings are unrolled you can see the information which is organized in layers / surfaces on that particular string. The space / time string has a value of 9. The information is held in place on each string because of the actions of inertia / gravity force which is the same thing under different names. There is also an opposing entropic force which tends to pull gravity / inertia forces apart. This entropic force is seen in our real world as randomness / deterioration / events out of the blue. The upside of this entropic force allows us to function / move / write / walk / do things in general.. If the entropic force didn’t exist we couldn’t have any controlled / controllable deterioration which is at the foundation of our functioning in time / space. Writing / walking / communicating / thinking are all examples of controlled / controllable deterioration leading to good / acceptable results.. The length of single digit strings are one to nine. Space / time strings have a length of 9 which means that our world is curved if the perceived string distance is less than nine since our world is the child of the quantum world. We call this entropic force different names using language because the basic entropic force is seen in different ways. Weather is an excellent example of calling this basic entropic force different names. This is also why sometimes bad things happen to good people. They simply get caught up in random entropic forces .. Lastly, entropic force is the reason that life follows a sine curve with random ups and downs.