Saturday, May 08, 2010

String Theory Explains Special Relativity

String Theory involves:

1 . Particles / Objects / Actions / Events / Messages.
2. Space
3. Time.

Particles / Objects / Actions / Events / Messages have an associated string in real space and in dark time. Dark Time associated with particles / objects / actions / events and messages has no associated space but does have a constant straight time value of 9. The real space value of particles / objects / actions / events / messages have various values.

The three principles of Special Relativity are:

1) length contraction
2) time dilation or time contraction / expansion.
3) failure of simultaneity at a distance or change in space over a distance.

Particles, when still, have a straight string and the effects of dark time aren’t noticed. If a particle starts to move its’ string lengthens to account for the velocity / acceleration. The particle / velocity / acceleration string starts to curve and the particle starts to lose its’ volume which we see as length contraction at sufficiently high speeds. The time string still has a no space value , but does have a non space value of 9. The space string must match the length of the straight time string whose constant value is 9. It does that by curving. This curving creates a series of waves at a frequency. This frequency may vary because the particle / object is accelerating. We see these waves / space curving as time dilation which we experience psychologically since we can’t see them. Failure of simultaneity at a distance or change in space over a distance is caused by our brain’s failure to interpret real time / space over a distance. This phenomena created by the brain is necessary or we wouldn’t be able to orient ourselves in space as far as distance from objects are concerned. If you don’t believe me, try orienting yourself in a dark room or in space without seeing any object.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Time and Everything Dark

The basic construction of the universe is:

1. Particles
2. Strings
3. Frames

Each particle has its’ own string. Particles and their strings can combine with other particles and strings to create quantum objects and also physical objects which we can see such as buildings. Particles can travel along their own strings which causes the strings to flex which we see as:

1. Gravity.
2. Properties.
3. Forces.

Each string and particle travels / lives within a frame. This frame is seen as:

1. Waves.
2. Feelings
3. Influence

Time strings consist of:

1. Particles of Dark Matter.
2. Dark Energy which is the Time string itself
3. Dark Force which is contained in a Dark Wave.

Just before the Big Bang, the universe from which our universe was created, consisted solely of a Time String which contained everything rolled into one string. At the moment of the Big Bang everything broke into different types of particles, strings and frames which we see today. Remnants of the Time String exist today which due to its’ containing Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Dark Force drag us forward which we see personally as aging and physically as the expansion of our universe. We cannot reverse time, nor can we alter it as we can do to other particles, strings and frames. Time is not affected by our present day technology. We have no influence over dark matter, dark energy and dark force. If we could find a way to manipulate Time Strings beyond using them as a day to day marker of events, we could travel throughout the universe without aging.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Strings & Force

The universe is primarily organized around:

1. Particles, Objects, Events, Messages.
2. Strings
3. Frames

Particles, objects and events are rolled up strings whereas messages are unrolled strings containing frames. Particles, objects and events follow paths which are a form of strings. These strings form forces when they are angled, straight or curved.

The four fundamental forces of physics are:

1. Gravity
2. Electromagnetism
3. Weak Nuclear Force
4. Strong Nuclear Force.

When particles, objects and events follow unorganized string paths you get random motion which is another form of probability, possibility and likelihood based on observed experience.

Frames are essentially a form of space / time. If the space dimension of a frame becomes curved while time remains straight it also curves the string paths of the particles, objects and events which is seen by us as gravity.

If inanimate strings containing particles such as electrons vibrate they create frames surrounding the strings which we see as electrical fields / waves and gravity which we call magnetism.

If animate strings vibrate which is primarily us than we get properties which we call personality and emanating waves we call charisma.

Physical chemistry is possible because the particle and object strings can be joined to form different particles and objects. This string force is stronger than gravity but not as strong as an electoweak force.

Biochemistry is possible because strings form bonds of varying strengths at angles which are readily rearranged by our bodies and allow us to live and function.

Weak nuclear interaction is associated with isotopes and beta decay which is a form of chaos or decay which we all experience at one time or another.

Strong nuclear force happens when the space in the frame is squeezed out and only time is left because it doesn’t have any space associated with it. In quantum theory only time is present although we like to think in terms of force in small spaces because that is the world with which we are familiar.

The fundamental forces are really just strings that are just space in one dimension and space / time when they form two dimensional frames.