Saturday, February 25, 2006

Greatest Love

For most people love is a many splintered thing. Some fall into The Substance Of Being and become one. Sometimes The Second Lady reaches out from within The Substance Of Being and takes two strangers in her arms and makes them one. That is the greatest love of all.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Substance Of Being

One of the questions that has intrigued me over the years is whether or not The Second Lady told her son that he was destined to die on the Cross. Death on the Cross was an extremely long lasting and extremely painful way to go. The process was reserved for those that the administration didn’t particularly like and was used to demonstrate to the rabble that you had better mind your P’s and Q’s. Yes, I know it is popular to say that The Second Lady doesn’t exist and her son didn’t walk this earth. Her son is generally portrayed as a namby pamby that wasn’t macho and generally went around sponging off friends and strangers. He had no visible means of support and as we would say today no fixed address. He also had a motley group of friends with dubious backgrounds. He never wrote anything down that lasted. He definitely wasn’t a "catch" for any lady. I suspect that her son was told exactly what was going to happen. I also believe that her son was the most macho man that ever existed. I mean, how many of us could handle it if we were told what was going to happen to us and that it wasn’t going to be pleasant???? The whole point of The Second Lady’s son’s existence was to demonstrate the concept of "love". Love, in its’ pure unadulterated form is a you - you symbiosis. Each person in the relationship is willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the other, no questions asked, no demands made, no pre-conditions. It is the antithesis of Mother Nature’s Survival Imperative. Love is something that goes against the grain of logic. Anyone that is in love is wacko. Ultimate Love does exist and it is the most intoxicating, long lasting "something", that Just Is. Love is The Substance Of Being.. The Substance Of Being is Love and it is the only thing in this universe that makes it go tickety poo.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Gravity Constant

The Theory Of Everything essentially says that this universe is based on a standard template that can be modified to fit different situations. If this is true, then there should be a basic equation that describes that template and when the right figures are plugged into it you have a mathematical description of different phenomena. It seems to me that electromagnetism and gravity are similar in principle. Electricity can generate an electrical field. Gravity cannot be generated with our present technology but it does seem to have a Gravity Constant which fulfills the same function as an electrical generator. I’ve arbitrarily chosen the figure EXP(-137) or 3.17436E-60 for the Gravity Constant. If I’m correct then the Gravity Constant generates a Gravity Field in Space. This Gravity Field cannot be measured unless it is disturbed by energy or an object. The Gravity Field oscillates or distorts but doesn’t physically separate to create a path when something passes through it. The Gravity Field oscillates at a Frequency when something affects it either through movement or position. If the object in the Gravity Field was stationary than the Gravity Constant’s "Frequency" would appear to us as Weight or Mass. The object in the Gravity Field would appear to have Mass or Weight from our viewpoint because of the distortion created through the Gravity Constant. If the object moved it would distort the Gravity Field. The form of the distortion would give us the direction in which the object was moving. The Gravity Field distortion would appear to us as Velocity or Acceleration if it’s velocity or direction was changing the Gravity Field over Time. Inertia happens because there is a delay in changing the length, width and height requirements of the object before it can move in our universe. The change in length, width and height fits in with Einstein’s Theories which concern the Mass of an object as it moves toward the speed of light. Objects lose Mass and definition or shape when accelerated. This loss of Mass at speed on earth is only a few molecules. Also sufficient energy must be gathered and applied to the object before a change can take place which leads to a delay which we call Inertia. That is why perpetual motion is impossible under our present, known technology.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Valentine’s Day

Life is full of ironies and sometimes a little ribald humor. Here’s one of those examples. If Valentine’s Day is close to your heart I suggest you stop reading now. If not, read on McDuff!!! Valentine’s Day as most of us know is devoted to love and chocolates and anything else that can get love going or at least keep it sustained for a little while longer. The irony and ribald humor comes in when you realize that if you use the initials of Valentine’s Day it comes out as Happy V. D. !!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

How Now

Our bodies exist in the here and now in the dimensions of length, width, and height. Our minds exist anywhere we can imagine. Our memories exist in the past but we can’t physically return. We can imagine the future but there is no guarantee that our chosen future will happen. Time, the fourth dimension, only moves forward dragging our bodies with it. The cells in our bodies recycle, so you’re not the same person that began life’s journey. The only existence we have is Now. The only consistency, our Soul, lasts forever in zero dimensions and zero time. Thus, my friends, you only physically experience the Now so make the most of it!!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

True Love

The Substance Of Being for you and I in four dimensions is Consciousness or our awareness of Existence or having Life. Our Soul, being dimensionless and timeless, has Love as its’ Substance Of Being. To have True Love you must find someone who is compatible with you in four dimensions as well as having a soul which is compatible with your soul. When that happens you know you’re in love, but can’t explain it in four dimensional terms because the two Soul’s Love is dimensionless and timeless or in other words pure emotion!!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006


One of life’s little conundrums is how do you tell if you have real "love". Two people are willing to make all sorts of sacrifices if love exists between them. If they aren't in love all you get is two people bitching at each other when they are inconvenienced. Hence life is a drag on them as they play tug of war with each other.