Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Ultimate Joke

The universe cycles through order, chaos and restoration. After thinking about it for awhile it suddenly occurred to me, that the universe is a Bell Curve. The middle 2/3rds where you and I spend most of our time to a greater or lesser degree is Chaos, and the outer 1/3rd’s is 1/6th Order on one side and 1/6th Restoration on the other side for a grand total of 1/3rd. For instance murder and various forms of mayhem occupy our communications systems such as newspapers, e-mails, text messaging, round table discussions in the form of problem solving / gossip etc.. Business is a competitive game in which someone is always trying to get the advantage over someone else. Don’t even mention relationships!!!! Thousands of books, philosophies, religions including the Bible tell us how to extract ourselves from Chaos. Nothing in our chaotic 2/3rds is 100%. We try to develop rules / procedures / philosophies etc. to solve the problems but nothing is guaranteed to work all the time / every time . Most of us believe in God / some omnipotent being that has enough interest in us to get us out of our current pot of water. Most of us believe in life after death / spirituality etc. because it would be awfully galling to think we’re putting out all this effort and there aren’t any prospects, as they used to say in genteel society. Let’s face it, none of us entered this world bringing material goods and we aren’t going to take any out. Yet we rush around trying to accumulate stuff like mad and generally trying to stick it to our compatriots. Perhaps that is the ultimate joke!!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Karma Jazz

There are 3 types of Karma. The first type of Karma is positive. Think positive thoughts, do positive stuff. Send it out in all directions. Positive thoughts / deeds creates positive Karma. Negative Karma is second. Negative Karma is the pits. Bad Karma. Bad Jazz. Hole Karma is the third type. No positive or negative charges. You’re just chilling out with thoughts in neutral. Something happens and you’re in a gigantic, random hole. You’ve just been slugged by a bit of randomness..

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Relatively Simple

It occurred to me the other day that God, in her wisdom, constructed this universe based on the number 3 to keep things relatively simple. There are lots of examples from simple lists to the more complicated stuff. Take creation for instance. It is generally thought that creation started with a big bang. So to keep it simple, we start with a super dense point / ball / particle. Perhaps it was a spinning point / ball / particle and one day for reasons best known to God, it simply peeled out in strips like an onion in various directions / dimensions creating space, time and gravity. So up to now we have a spinning point / ball / particle that transforms into a strip or a string and the spinning part becomes a vibration because it is a string / wave. The different vibrating waves with the residual point / ball / particle on either end creates stuff including us, living entities and things in general. This stuff which includes everything can be thought of a Frame. So once again we have 3 things, particles, waves, and frames. We have developed language / concepts to call particles, waves and frames different things so we don’t get all confused. Your and my vibrations are called charisma. Living entities such as animals etc. have characteristics which at its’ simplest are vibrations. Inanimate objects have properties which are simply vibrations. Time, Space, and Gravity are simply vast vibrating waves that give them their characteristics. You and I are surrounded by particles and vibrating waves and in order to be successful in life we must learn to influence / control these particles / people / living entities / events etc. by thinking positive thoughts. So life, my friends, at a quantum level, is relatively simple.