Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Karma Jazz

There are 3 types of Karma. The first type of Karma is positive. Think positive thoughts, do positive stuff. Send it out in all directions. Positive thoughts / deeds creates positive Karma. Negative Karma is second. Negative Karma is the pits. Bad Karma. Bad Jazz. Hole Karma is the third type. No positive or negative charges. You’re just chilling out with thoughts in neutral. Something happens and you’re in a gigantic, random hole. You’ve just been slugged by a bit of randomness..


Kate Da Great! said...

I wanted to start off my thanking you for your comments :) Especially the last one, it made me feel better. I really enjoy reading what you write in response to my posts.

Secondly I completely believe in Karma, it keeps us in check!


Kate Da Great! said...

Good luck in the hospital! You'll be in my thoughts :)

Alex said...

Operation 8:00 a.m.. Scheduled to come home same day. I was going to say "awake" but as you know males are seldom "awake". I suppose when you think about it not being "awake" is a survival tool because if males were "awake" while hunting we wouldn't have tried to spear Dinosaurs in primeval times. I suppose the closest equivalent is chasing charming and talented ladies like you!!!!!