Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pity, No Quantum Space

Quantum Space doesn't exist. Mass, Time and Energy doesn't contain any space. This may seem very hard to believe because if you and I look out a window we can see mass, time and energy existing in various forms in space. In our world everything has the illusion of being solid simply because our eyes don't have the ability to see into the quantum world without assistance. Even if we could see into the quantum world, the information that we would gain would be very limited because our eyes run on photons for information and photons are so large that they can't always bounce off of what they hit and return to our eye. Sometimes the photons smother the quantum object which we want to see and therefore can't bounce back to our eye with information. It seems to me that in a quantum world all we have are strings which appear to us as Mass, Time and Energy. Strings do not contain space in the sense that strings have to travel through it in order to go from A to B. Rolled up strings are a lump or mass. Since the rolled up strings are flexed in a ball you get gravity. Also, the rolled up string ball we call Mass flexes the surrounding strings that aren't part of the ball thus creating gravity that distorts the path of passing photons causing things to appear to be elsewhere. Time is a unidirectional outward going string that doesn't react with the seen universe. I sense that Time is really dark matter, dark energy, and dark force which is pulling our universe outward and as dark matter, provides extra drag to the seen universe. Energy is also a string which when moving outward provides force, motion and acceleration and when acting inward provides the strong and weak nuclear force depending on its' location. If the energy string flexes rapidly you get frequency or different property characteristics if associated with a mass ( string ball ). If you attempt to get information from the quantum world you are adding energy strings to it which affects what you are trying to measure or alternately changes its' characteristics so it now appears to be either a wave ( string ) or particle ( ball of string or mass ). Since quantum space doesn't exist, you have spooky ( instantaneous ) action at a distance because neither Quantum Energy nor Quantum Time have to travel through space to go from A to B. In summary, if you are trying to understand anything quantum the prime thing to remember is that anything quantum doesn't have to go through space first to accomplish something so everything is instantaneous and immediate and hence spooky action at a ( time ) distance.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weak & Strong Nuclear Force, Electromagnetism & Gravity

It all has to do with spaceless strings. Mass, Time, & Energy are spaceless strings in various disguises. If we look at a ball of yarn we can see that the yarn is made up of rolled strings of yarn. The rolled strings of yarn are flexed into a circle or volume and as the rolled strings of yarn aren't moving they are the equivalent of ( yarn ) gravity. This principle applies to every particle in the universe irrespective of what we call it. Time is essentially a dark spaceless string which we label as dark matter, dark energy and dark mass depending on how we see it at the time. Time doesn't react with anything in our world as it moves outward in a unidirectional direction. The Energy string has various disguises. The tip of the string is where we measure velocity and acceleration. If the energy string is flexing rapidly, we label what is happening as frequency which is usually caused by the vibration of string fields surrounding the electron agited by electricity and driven by magnetism and called electromagnetism. The Strong Nuclear Force is the force of an unbroken spaceless string acting inwardly towards its' center thus holding one single atom together which can't be broken unless extreme measures are used. The weak nuclear force is the spaceless string between the cloud of energy ( atoms ) and the cloud of energy ( electrons ) which counteracts its' orbital force.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quantum Valentines & Quantum Entanglement

I got to thinking of old girlfriends on Valentines day. Since I don't know where they are and due to present long term commitments due to unthoughtout and unappreciated consequences of promises, I can only use my imagination. Without getting into religion or atheism, it seems to me that whomever or whatever designed this universe gave us an outstanding gift when she gave us imagination. Imagination in our mind, occupies our Time, Energy, and Space for thinking time. Einstein once made the comment that Space doesn't exist unless something expands into it. While sitting here, churning my brain, it suddently occurred to me that I may be occupying my space, but I wasn't occupying her space as I wasn't extending my presence into it according to Einstein. I was however, involving Time and Energy which from a quantum viewpoint doesn't have any space associated with it. Now imagination can make anything seem real and imagination can construct all kinds of theories but just like my quantum valentine it has nothing to do with the real world or what passes for it. If Time and Energy in the quantum world have no associated space, then it seems to me that quantum entanglement would be instantaneous since no space travel is involved since quantum space doesn't exist on that level. Similarly Energy on a quantum level has no associated space, so if we measure something on a quantum level we are either adding energy or taking away energy from the quantum thing. Also when we add or subtract energy from the quantum thing, we change its' form so we get particle and wave debates. If you remember that anything quantum has no space, when you study something of a quantum nature, you will soon see that a lot of it makes sense.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Time is one of the conundrums of this universe. Generally we use time to mark events in our life, or for measurement from one point to another. We know that time in our universe moves outward in a unidirectional path. We also cannot interact with time in the same way we can interact with mass or energy. Einstein has linked mass and energy as being different forms of the same thing in his equation ( E = mc^2 ). I sense that mass, energy and time are all different forms of strings. We also know that our universe is expanding outwardly which may have something to do with time as it moves outward. Time may also be at the root of dark matter, dark energy, and dark force. If this is true, time may be dragging the universe outward rather than the universe dragging time outward. In other words, our emphasis is on the wrong thing. If you agree with this premise, it seems that time would also be the dark matter which helps to hold the planets in position, the dark energy which helps to move the planets as well as the dark force which flummoxes our calculations when we try to calculate what happens next.

In summary Strings are:

1. Mass
2. Energy
3. Time

Mass is a rolled up ball of string. If the rolled up ball of string vibrates, it is seen by us as the properties of the mass. Energy is a rolled out string which when still and flexed is seen by us as gravity. If the energy flexes continuously we see it as a frequency or as a linear ( stretching ) force when it has velocity or acceleration. If the time string stretches it is seen as dark matter, dark energy, or dark force since we don’t have the ability to interact with time except as a marker or a measurement.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Time, Space, Gravity, Motion

We generally think of space, gravity, and motion as being variable, whereas time is physically invariable and unidirectional. Time is variable and directional from a thinking and philosophical viewpoint, because we can think of our past experiences in terms of time and imagine traveling back and forth in time. If we could exist in a black hole, it is generally thought that time would no longer be physically invariable and unidirectional. If you agree with this premise it stands to reason that Time must have a physical form even though in our everyday existence Time is invariable and unidirectional. Einstein said that mass and energy are different forms of the same thing ( E = mc^2 ). It is generally accepted that large masses will bend light ( photons ). Einstein has also said that large masses curve space which is why planets have orbits. If large planets will curve space it tends to reason that space must be something physical although we don’t see space physically. If you think about it the only thing that time and space could be is unseen strings as in String Theory. Einstein has developed the concept of Space / Time and if Space / Time are strings then they must be mathematically related. If Space / Time were a ratio ( Space divided by Time ), then one would be a fraction of the other. Since Time marches on at a steady pace it would be the denominator and space would be the numerator. The ( Space / Time ) ratio would be the curvature of the space in time and if still, would appear to us as gravity. If the ( Space / Time ) ratio was in motion the curvature of the space would change therefore creating the illusion of motion / acceleration when force in the form of energy or its’ equivalent mass was added.