Sunday, February 13, 2011


Time is one of the conundrums of this universe. Generally we use time to mark events in our life, or for measurement from one point to another. We know that time in our universe moves outward in a unidirectional path. We also cannot interact with time in the same way we can interact with mass or energy. Einstein has linked mass and energy as being different forms of the same thing in his equation ( E = mc^2 ). I sense that mass, energy and time are all different forms of strings. We also know that our universe is expanding outwardly which may have something to do with time as it moves outward. Time may also be at the root of dark matter, dark energy, and dark force. If this is true, time may be dragging the universe outward rather than the universe dragging time outward. In other words, our emphasis is on the wrong thing. If you agree with this premise, it seems that time would also be the dark matter which helps to hold the planets in position, the dark energy which helps to move the planets as well as the dark force which flummoxes our calculations when we try to calculate what happens next.

In summary Strings are:

1. Mass
2. Energy
3. Time

Mass is a rolled up ball of string. If the rolled up ball of string vibrates, it is seen by us as the properties of the mass. Energy is a rolled out string which when still and flexed is seen by us as gravity. If the energy flexes continuously we see it as a frequency or as a linear ( stretching ) force when it has velocity or acceleration. If the time string stretches it is seen as dark matter, dark energy, or dark force since we don’t have the ability to interact with time except as a marker or a measurement.

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