Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Add Hormones And Stir

This post is a little off color so if you are particularly sensitive I suggest you stop here. I was walking through the woods the other day and spotted a hole in the ground. When boys are young they can’t resist finding a stick and poking it in a hole and stirring it around. Little boys must be wired for that sort of thing. There isn’t anything particular being thought about before the poking of the stick in the hole, stirring it around and no gratification afterward except the gratification of curiosity being satisfied. Time progresses, hormones appear and boys start to think about poking their own stick in any available hole and stirring it around which can cause the fairer sex much consternation as various blogs will reveal. More time passes, the hormones disappear, and the interest of poking any stick, personal or otherwise in any hole approaches the satisfaction of going to work on Monday morning.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Ole Holla

My dear Ole Granny has asked me to blog some information on her business. You don’t know my Granny, but she operates a micro brewery commonly know in the 1920’s - 1930’s as a Still. Granny may be old but she sure is up to date. She was at the hair dressers the other day and was reading one of them there dating magazines. Granny is in the market so to speak seeing that Grandfather has been dead for nigh on 40 year and Granny ain’t had no action!! Anyway back to the story!! Granny was reading that the new thing is to go to one of those dating parlors and interview a potential mate in 10 minutes and then rotate to the next one. Granny tell me that if it takes 10 minutes you aren’t focused on the problem!! Granny being a progressive business woman suddenly had a brain wave!! She got to wondering what would one do if you interviewed someone, rejected him or her and then had a change of heart?? Granny realized that you have to have courage to go back and a little liquid courage is not out of line in the dating context. Granny got to thinking and she suddenly realized her booze business could be expanded through the development of a drink called "Ole Holla". Granny is also good at marketing. Since you want to appear "natural" in the dating scene she thought the marketing tag line should be a "Holla back guy" or a "Holla back gal". In fact, Granny say the more Holla you do the more action you get. Granny tell me she shore does appreciate my help as she ain’t into that sort of thing but business is business!!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

What The Hell

We all exist in 3 dimensions including Time in the real world. The people that surround us live in 3 dimensions including Time. Psychologically speaking, however, the people surrounding us live in the 1st , 2nd or 3rd dimension including Time. The 1st dimensional people in our lives are acquaintances that we never really get to know. They are the largest category. We never get beyond the phase of politeness. Friends come in 2 dimensions and although it seems to be a putdown describing them in this way it is surprising what we can endlessly draw in two dimensions. Just look at any two dimensional Geometry Book!! Soulmates are harder to define. They occupy the 3rd dimension plus Time as in Timeless. For some unknown reason, people’s souls are able to connect with other people’s souls. Soul to soul contact is the ultimate reality!! If it should happen to you, you want to be with your Soul person even though another 2 dimensional friend is more fascinating, exciting etc.. When you’re young and full of hormones the greater attraction lies with the 2nd dimensional friend because our species has to survive. This is the reason that 99% of us marry our best friend because we have never met a soulmate. Unfortunately, the hormones go, life in 2 dimensions becomes dull, gravity takes over and everything sags. One day you look at each other in 2 dimensions and although you may say "What the hell." you don’t have the energy, prospects, or means to do anything about it!!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Law Of Unforeseen Consequences

I got to thinking about Free Will and The Law Of Unforeseen Consequences. Free Will is the ultimate form of democracy. Each of us can do pretty much as we please providing we don’t interfere with someone else’s enjoyment of life. The Law Of Unforeseen Consequences or The Butterfly Effect arises because our personal decision to do something causes a change in future events or a different path to be taken. There are lots of examples: Adam’s decision to eat the apple caused mankind to be kicked out of the Garden Of Eden. Lots has been written on our choice to invade Iraq. Opinions exist on both sides as to the importance / dumbness of that decision. Sometimes we get dragged into things that have nothing to do with us. Millions of people lost their lives in WW11 because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. If Free Will didn’t exist what would we do with our time??? Some people have said that they are not interested in going to Heaven because it would be too, too boring if Free Will didn’t exist. Perhaps if we didn’t have any havoc in our life none of us would have any use for God. For instance most of us are only interested in God if we can’t get out of our personal poo under our own steam. Perhaps a little grief in our lives is good for the soul. No grief, no soul development. Interesting thought!!