Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Add Hormones And Stir

This post is a little off color so if you are particularly sensitive I suggest you stop here. I was walking through the woods the other day and spotted a hole in the ground. When boys are young they can’t resist finding a stick and poking it in a hole and stirring it around. Little boys must be wired for that sort of thing. There isn’t anything particular being thought about before the poking of the stick in the hole, stirring it around and no gratification afterward except the gratification of curiosity being satisfied. Time progresses, hormones appear and boys start to think about poking their own stick in any available hole and stirring it around which can cause the fairer sex much consternation as various blogs will reveal. More time passes, the hormones disappear, and the interest of poking any stick, personal or otherwise in any hole approaches the satisfaction of going to work on Monday morning.

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Jane said...

not very off color, just very truthful... I'm currently reading this book that I think you might be interested in (reading is a little inaccurate, struggling is better) it's called Pilgrim at Tinker Creek it won the Pulitzer Prize and is by Annie Dillard i'm not very far but it seems like something you might be interested in, subject and structure wise.

hope all is well and you had and excellent new year