Sunday, September 07, 2008

Theory Of Everything

Here’s the poop on The Theory Of Everything. The simple world is based on particles and strings. The complex world is just a complicated arrangement of particles and strings. Particles are anything that we can see, sometimes under different names, such as you, me and different structures such as buildings. Particles can be things that we can’t see like events. When an event happens the event string is the seen and unseen consequences of that event. Strings are dark matter which we can’t see. Strings are dark energy when they move, force when they accelerate, and paths for particles / planets / people etc. when they do nothing. Gravity, Time and Space are all strings. Each particle has a string. A string can create a particle. A particle can disappear into a string. Black Holes are compressed strings without particles. That’s why you and I are destroyed if we enter a black hole. You and I, as particles disappear into our own strings. Gravity, Time and Space become distorted in Black Holes because they are strings and are compressed / extended / warped in Black Holes. Strings as Dark Matter, Dark Energy, are occasionally kicked out of Black Holes and sometimes decompress becoming particles with a string tail. Each string is mathematically related to its’ particle and carries information. That is why in quantum physics we can relate a path to a particle or why a photon has wave / string qualities . It just depends on what part of a photon we are examining. Strings in different fields such as art, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, electricity, electronics, investments and mathematics, music etc. have different names, but any of these names are still only simple strings. We call strings in different fields different names through chance, choice and also to help define what we specifically mean in that field.