Friday, March 31, 2006

True Love & Soulmates

True Love & Soulmates are mysteries. The Soul seems to be independent of time, place, and physical form. If reincarnation is possible, it is our individual Souls that are reincarnated and inserted into another physical form. The likelihood of meeting an old Soulmate in a compatible physical form is remote but it could happen. Perhaps pure love is really a love between two Soulmates that goes on through eternity. Only The Second Lady can coordinate a meeting between two old Soulmates. She can let two Souls met again in a physical existence for reasons best known to her. In many ways its’ like stepping off into a Substance of Being where The Second Lady is there before us, guiding us along the way for purposes yet to be revealed.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Rollicking Good Time

This is a supernatural "what if " story so if the supernatural bothers you read no further. Sherlock Holmes once said, more or less, that whatever remains after everything is eliminated, may well be true however fanciful it seems. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that everything in this universe has a Soul. Furthermore, let us assume that The Second Lady does in fact exist. It would seem to me that The Second Lady is not interested in doing a lot of unnecessary work. If you look around at the world in which we live, you could say it is not only self sustaining but recycles. This recycling may also apply to Souls. Each Soul is inserted into a body, the body lives, goes through a life cycle and dies. The Soul is saved, recycled and reinserted into another body. Now let us assume that each time the Soul is recycled, it forms a relationship with another Soul in a body. I mean, for example, how many times have you met someone and swear up and down that you have met them previously??? Maybe it is your Soul recognizing the other Soul when you both occupied other bodies in a past life. Normally speaking your Soul doesn’t tell your mind about any previous existence’s. There is no guarantee that the Soul you knew in one life will be recycled in the same time and place in the new life. Now comes the fun part. Suppose you’re recycled / born back on earth significantly before the Soul that you formed a loving relationship with in a previous life. Maybe you are married to a wonderful lady that has been selected by The Second Lady during this body’s life cycle. You know instinctively that you’re going to be in major doo doo with The Second Lady if you screw up that relationship. You’re minding your P’s & Q’s but The Second Lady needs you to help the Soul you had a loving relationship with in a past life. Major sweat time, but deep down you know you had a rollicking good time the first time around. You’re major prayer is "Don’t abandon me now sweet ladies!!" and the beat goes on!!!!

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Good things happen when you’re relaxed and not thinking of anything in particular. Karma cannot flow against your personal outward flow / churning of frustration and worry. Karma can only flow in when you are relaxed. The trick is to let the forces flow towards you just like The Celestine Prophecy says.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Teeter Totter Principles

I find in life that things, good and bad, just seem to sneak up on you. Once it happens, I generally look back and say to myself "Am I naturally stupid or do I have to work at it???" It’s so easy in life to put other people "first". The problem is, "How ‘first’ should they be???" Where is the balance??? Most people have no confidence in themselves. We all get nervous when we look around and discover that everyone else isn’t doing what we’re doing. I really don’t think that The Second Lady requires us to destroy ourselves to "help" someone else. Sometimes we go to great lengths to convince ourselves that we are on the right track. Our Soul, on the other hand, knows the score and whispers in our ear "Look stupid, we can’t continue this way."

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Half Assed

My manifest destiny is to be a fugitive from the law of averages. I swear that I will never be taken alive by anything that is average, commonplace, standard, or ordinary. Fate has ordained that I must push to excel, to lust for uniqueness, to risk envy. My one and only cardinal sin is to settle for half-assed mediocrity.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

That’s Life

Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that if something goes wrong "You needed to have left it alone." C’est la random part, n’est pas????

Saturday, March 11, 2006

No Shame

The Second Lady operates three Firms. The first one is organized religion. The second Firm is made up of those people that have been called to serve but are only loosely associated with organized religion. The Third Firm is the most interesting of all. This one involves people that are usually minding their own business, and generally enjoying life. No one in their right mind would call them "inspired". Unfortunately, The Second Lady doesn’t see it that way. She sees something in you that she wants. She doesn’t ask you if they want to help her. She simply co-opts you. It generally works like this. The Second Lady arranges events and people and "things" so that one day you find yourself as part of The Third Firm. Sooner or later you cotton on to the fact that you have become part of The Firm and you want out, but there are a pair of golden handcuffs in her "benefits" program. You will find that The Second Lady has arranged things so that you’re in love with another "employee". The Second Lady’s provided "love benefit" is the one that bugs you to death. You can’t seem to function without it. It seems to exist just beyond your view in some sort of a fog. It won’t leave you alone. You are forever thinking about it. It takes up all your "free" time. It’s forever "sneaking" into your mind. You can see bits and pieces of it but not the whole picture. You try to get out of the whole mess by trolling for other loves but eventually you realize one way or the other that even if you have "Free Choice" it ain’t gonna apply to The Second Lady’s Love Benefit!!! She has no shame!!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Time Is Dark Matter

Time is our missing Dark Matter. Here’s how it works. Time can be thought of as a plate that carries events, space, energy, and particles, around on its’ surface. Time is similar in principle to a tectonic plate that carries continents and oceans around on earth. Time on a universe scale floats the planets and galaxies around on plates. If Time is to hold events, space, energy, particles, on its’ surface then it has to have gravity and as the galaxy is expanding then the plates have to have a repulsive force. Time Gravity has yet to be observed but I suspect that it is around EXP(-137) or 3.17436E-60. Time Plates would have to have a repulsive force of about 1.01043E-60 which is (EXP(-137)) / Pi. The Time Plates obtain their repulsive energy by taking the energy binding the events, space, energy, and particles together on its’ surface and using the obtained energy for expansion. This taking of energy from the Time Plate surface causes chaos or deterioration on the Time Plate surface which we all have experienced in one way or another. Although each Time Plate is separate, it does have the same gravity and therefore we have the illusion on a universe scale that Gravity travels faster than light but in actual fact it is always part of a Time Plate and to state the obvious doesn’t travel unless events, space, energy, and particles change / move on the individual Time Plate. Rapid acceleration and changes in velocity deform the Time Plate creating the illusion of a Gravity Wave. Observers on different Time Plates see things happening on other Time Plates according to the conditions of their own Time Plate or Frame Of Reference. Things on the other Time Plate may be happening differently because of different things going on in that Frame Of Reference. The information carried to each observer on the different Time Plates would travel at the same velocity which is 186,000 mph.. The precise information carried between the Time Plates would be dependent on the conditions of the original Time Plate and what happened during the journey from one Time Plate to the other Time Plate. Time Plates are our undiscovered Dark Matter as they are physical in nature but aren’t affected by any known phenomena that can be measured. Dark Energy is the Energy that is pushing the Time Plates apart. We can, however, see both presence’s through the expansion of the universe.

Friday, March 03, 2006


Life has to be full of trails. I’ve often wondered if before we’re born are we required to write our life.???? Perhaps, we can take some time off and be born rich. Maybe a silver spoon or two. Perhaps a whole group of souls about to be implanted in a life form in the universe sits down and writes a whole Shakespearean play for the group. Do you ever get the feeling that you have met someone before??? Perhaps they were part of your soul group and you’re meeting them in physical form. Perhaps it is each of your souls saying hi and your body is picking up the vibes??? Then there’s the Bridey Murphy phenomena. Here was a lady that remembered her past lives. I suspect before we’re born the slate is wiped clean but like all things nothing is 100%. It is the only way that you can account for prodigies because they seem to know more than is reasonable. I think that I have recently met one of my fellow heavenly souls. She can channel. I can channel. I think that we were both deep into the nectar the night we signed off on the play!!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Sometimes in life you read something / see something / something happens that hints about your future. I suspect it is The Second Lady giving you a hint. Since Free Choice exists in this universe you’re free to do what you want including being asleep at the switch. Sometimes The Second Lady isn’t prepared to take "no" for an answer and pounds you until you get with the program. In this latter case you can be in for something that is all consuming, definitely fun, and nerve wracking. The Second Lady isn’t going to let any of the participants in this adventure get hurt but there may be periods of angst because not everything is as it seems. If it should happen to you, you’re in for a breathtaking awesome adventure if you can manage to hang on through the twists and turns!!!!