Friday, March 31, 2006

True Love & Soulmates

True Love & Soulmates are mysteries. The Soul seems to be independent of time, place, and physical form. If reincarnation is possible, it is our individual Souls that are reincarnated and inserted into another physical form. The likelihood of meeting an old Soulmate in a compatible physical form is remote but it could happen. Perhaps pure love is really a love between two Soulmates that goes on through eternity. Only The Second Lady can coordinate a meeting between two old Soulmates. She can let two Souls met again in a physical existence for reasons best known to her. In many ways its’ like stepping off into a Substance of Being where The Second Lady is there before us, guiding us along the way for purposes yet to be revealed.


second heaven said...

very interesting could you please explain who is the "second lady" for those including myself who dont know

Vanathi said...

Writing abt love often... Fallen in love alex?