Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Rollicking Good Time

This is a supernatural "what if " story so if the supernatural bothers you read no further. Sherlock Holmes once said, more or less, that whatever remains after everything is eliminated, may well be true however fanciful it seems. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that everything in this universe has a Soul. Furthermore, let us assume that The Second Lady does in fact exist. It would seem to me that The Second Lady is not interested in doing a lot of unnecessary work. If you look around at the world in which we live, you could say it is not only self sustaining but recycles. This recycling may also apply to Souls. Each Soul is inserted into a body, the body lives, goes through a life cycle and dies. The Soul is saved, recycled and reinserted into another body. Now let us assume that each time the Soul is recycled, it forms a relationship with another Soul in a body. I mean, for example, how many times have you met someone and swear up and down that you have met them previously??? Maybe it is your Soul recognizing the other Soul when you both occupied other bodies in a past life. Normally speaking your Soul doesn’t tell your mind about any previous existence’s. There is no guarantee that the Soul you knew in one life will be recycled in the same time and place in the new life. Now comes the fun part. Suppose you’re recycled / born back on earth significantly before the Soul that you formed a loving relationship with in a previous life. Maybe you are married to a wonderful lady that has been selected by The Second Lady during this body’s life cycle. You know instinctively that you’re going to be in major doo doo with The Second Lady if you screw up that relationship. You’re minding your P’s & Q’s but The Second Lady needs you to help the Soul you had a loving relationship with in a past life. Major sweat time, but deep down you know you had a rollicking good time the first time around. You’re major prayer is "Don’t abandon me now sweet ladies!!" and the beat goes on!!!!

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