Thursday, March 23, 2006

Teeter Totter Principles

I find in life that things, good and bad, just seem to sneak up on you. Once it happens, I generally look back and say to myself "Am I naturally stupid or do I have to work at it???" It’s so easy in life to put other people "first". The problem is, "How ‘first’ should they be???" Where is the balance??? Most people have no confidence in themselves. We all get nervous when we look around and discover that everyone else isn’t doing what we’re doing. I really don’t think that The Second Lady requires us to destroy ourselves to "help" someone else. Sometimes we go to great lengths to convince ourselves that we are on the right track. Our Soul, on the other hand, knows the score and whispers in our ear "Look stupid, we can’t continue this way."


A Conundrum said...

Damn those whisperers anyway!

Why do we even have souls, Alex, if they are going to torment us with dreams of things that seem so impossible and may even be condemned by others?

Will I ever figure these things out?

shyloh said...

I wonder if we should be judging anything as good or bad. HUMMM!

Now I am "naturally stupid," I was born into it ha.

I honest don't have a problem putting others first. I am usually the one walked on. Beaten up and left for dead. OH GOD what a morning huh?

I have learned everyones path is different than mine. Hard to accept but it is a must.

I made great donuts this morning. Come have some!

second heaven said...

don’t judge yourself so hard, all i suggest you to do is listen to your heart, i personally don’t believe in a soul as such, more of just a conscience energy force, if you do meditation, you can go beyond those voices, which are only your mind trying to control you even more, and you will realize that there is no such thing as stupid or not stupid, and that all beings are equal