Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Time Is Dark Matter

Time is our missing Dark Matter. Here’s how it works. Time can be thought of as a plate that carries events, space, energy, and particles, around on its’ surface. Time is similar in principle to a tectonic plate that carries continents and oceans around on earth. Time on a universe scale floats the planets and galaxies around on plates. If Time is to hold events, space, energy, particles, on its’ surface then it has to have gravity and as the galaxy is expanding then the plates have to have a repulsive force. Time Gravity has yet to be observed but I suspect that it is around EXP(-137) or 3.17436E-60. Time Plates would have to have a repulsive force of about 1.01043E-60 which is (EXP(-137)) / Pi. The Time Plates obtain their repulsive energy by taking the energy binding the events, space, energy, and particles together on its’ surface and using the obtained energy for expansion. This taking of energy from the Time Plate surface causes chaos or deterioration on the Time Plate surface which we all have experienced in one way or another. Although each Time Plate is separate, it does have the same gravity and therefore we have the illusion on a universe scale that Gravity travels faster than light but in actual fact it is always part of a Time Plate and to state the obvious doesn’t travel unless events, space, energy, and particles change / move on the individual Time Plate. Rapid acceleration and changes in velocity deform the Time Plate creating the illusion of a Gravity Wave. Observers on different Time Plates see things happening on other Time Plates according to the conditions of their own Time Plate or Frame Of Reference. Things on the other Time Plate may be happening differently because of different things going on in that Frame Of Reference. The information carried to each observer on the different Time Plates would travel at the same velocity which is 186,000 mph.. The precise information carried between the Time Plates would be dependent on the conditions of the original Time Plate and what happened during the journey from one Time Plate to the other Time Plate. Time Plates are our undiscovered Dark Matter as they are physical in nature but aren’t affected by any known phenomena that can be measured. Dark Energy is the Energy that is pushing the Time Plates apart. We can, however, see both presence’s through the expansion of the universe.

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