Friday, March 03, 2006


Life has to be full of trails. I’ve often wondered if before we’re born are we required to write our life.???? Perhaps, we can take some time off and be born rich. Maybe a silver spoon or two. Perhaps a whole group of souls about to be implanted in a life form in the universe sits down and writes a whole Shakespearean play for the group. Do you ever get the feeling that you have met someone before??? Perhaps they were part of your soul group and you’re meeting them in physical form. Perhaps it is each of your souls saying hi and your body is picking up the vibes??? Then there’s the Bridey Murphy phenomena. Here was a lady that remembered her past lives. I suspect before we’re born the slate is wiped clean but like all things nothing is 100%. It is the only way that you can account for prodigies because they seem to know more than is reasonable. I think that I have recently met one of my fellow heavenly souls. She can channel. I can channel. I think that we were both deep into the nectar the night we signed off on the play!!!

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Kate Da Great! said...

There's a story my history teacher told me in 5th grade about a boy who played make believe. he'd play the same game every day. in this game he owned a shop and had a wife and two daughters. Now his parents knew that kids pretend, but he never gave up believing that he owned a shop and had a wife and two daughters. so one day they took this little boy to where his store was supposed to be, and low and behold there it was...wife and two daughters and all! so this little boys parents asked the 'wife' who turned out to be a widow, how her husband died...she replied that he was working in the store and was shot right behind his ear by shoplifters. Later that night the little boys mother was washing her sons hair and found a birthmark right where the widows husband was shot. it seems far fetched...but apparently is a true story!

I have no doubt that we are brothers ex girlfriend used to have dreams about being on the titanic and knew all these random facts about it even tho she'd never researched it. she believes she was on it when it sunk

our souls have to be recycled dont they? or else where do new ones come from?

i'm glad i helped with the post :)
its something i gave alot of thought to after my grandmother died

i think you may be on to something.