Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Helping Principle

One of the toughest principles is the helping principle. It could also be called the father's principle, the mother's principle, the ex-lover's principle, the friend's principle or any other principle with an appropriate adjective. Thinking about it, it seems to me it also could be called the God Principle. Whether we like it or not, each of us is programmed to help each other. Most of us are also Jack or Jill Average. This means that most of us will live in obscurity, be known only to our families and associates and when we die, unremembered except for our family on odd occasions. Thinking about it, the helping principle, to work effectively, requires you to have guts, fortitude, and the realization that there isn't any glory. The helping principle isn't about you. It also means that most of the time you will have to eventually let go, yet be available for any stumbles. One of the toughest components is the realization that you mustn't let them consciously realize that you are helping them. The helping principle demands that you, yourself, open up emotionally and empathetically. Another part, is that you can't screw up their life, for the self gratification of staying around. If you think that what I'm saying is all mostly airy – fairy just look at the social media. One of the social media's advantages is that you can make it private or eliminate friends. It is one thing in life to suspect that you don't quite measure up to someone's idea of perfection, but quite another to have to cope with the idea that someone's private doesn't include you and to rub it in you are no longer a friend or alas, moved further into the friendless column. One of the most debilitating aspects, is that you may be extremely sensitive to what is coming next, yet you have no chance of bailing. The easiest example, is the Christians that were thrown to the lions for their principles. I, like you, have principles, but if I were about to be thrown to the lions, I'd start to think that maybe I should have been slightly less principled. I'm a Christian. You may be of another faith, but the principle may be the same. One of the people in my faith is Jesus Christ. The older I get, the more I suspect he had more guts than most of us will ever have. I sense that God told him what was going to happen in excruciating detail and that furthermore, that he had no choice in the matter. I'm told that Jesus spent 40 days in the desert but the Bible doesn't say why. I sense that Jesus wanted to discuss what was coming and was it absolutely necessary that he had to do it. Perhaps, Jesus pointed out to God that he wasn't particularly qualified. I, sad to say, am following in Jesus' footsteps. I'm telling God that I'm too old for The Helping Principle and she's telling me, that I've got too much experience to retire. God is going to be the death of me, yet.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Quantum Gravity

One of the mysteries of life is gravity. Gravity is a peculiar form of energy but you can't do much with it because it is a property of mass. Essentially, the bigger the mass, the more the space around the mass is curved and the stronger the gravity according to Einstein. The further you travel from the mass with its' gravity, the weaker the force of gravity but it never goes away. Time in our reality is primarily used as a marker for the passing of, presence of, or future of, objects, particles, actions and events . Space in our universe is also unique. Einstein says that space doesn't exist until something extends itself into it. In the quantum world space doesn't exist at all. This means that quantum time doesn't have any space yet we have entanglement and superposition. If space doesn't exist, yet we have entanglement and superposition, then we need a spaceless quantum force. The spaceless quantum force is quantum gravity because it's instantaneous and spaceless. This was the situation at the instance of the birth of our universe, but as soon as space was created, quantum gravity or at least the part we see, became a property of mass.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Quantum Time

The hardest thing to grasp about quantum time is that it hasn't any associated space. If quantum time doesn't have space, it means that anything existing in time, exists anywhere in all places and combinations at the same time. This phenomena is at the root of the multi-universe argument. This phenomena is also at the root of the concept of God in the christian religion. This concept is that God is everywhere at the same time and knows everything. I'm not familiar with all religions, but I suspect that most religions have the same expressed belief. Similarly, if you or I exist in quantum space, we exist everywhere and know everything at the same time. The knowing everything at the same time is due to quantum entanglement because knowledge hasn't any space to travel through from one point to another. Death doesn't exist in quantum time, because death requires space in which to operate and space doesn't exist in quantum time. That is why you and I would live forever. This concept is also the basis of heaven in the christian religion and probably in other religions too. Quantum Time also involves superposition, which is different things existing literally at the same location. The different things can be possibilities as well as things. This is possible because space doesn't exist in quantum time.

Quantum Time can be summarized as :

1. Space less.
2. Entanglement
3. Superposition