Sunday, June 19, 2011

Quantum Gravity

One of the mysteries of life is gravity. Gravity is a peculiar form of energy but you can't do much with it because it is a property of mass. Essentially, the bigger the mass, the more the space around the mass is curved and the stronger the gravity according to Einstein. The further you travel from the mass with its' gravity, the weaker the force of gravity but it never goes away. Time in our reality is primarily used as a marker for the passing of, presence of, or future of, objects, particles, actions and events . Space in our universe is also unique. Einstein says that space doesn't exist until something extends itself into it. In the quantum world space doesn't exist at all. This means that quantum time doesn't have any space yet we have entanglement and superposition. If space doesn't exist, yet we have entanglement and superposition, then we need a spaceless quantum force. The spaceless quantum force is quantum gravity because it's instantaneous and spaceless. This was the situation at the instance of the birth of our universe, but as soon as space was created, quantum gravity or at least the part we see, became a property of mass.

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