Monday, June 13, 2011

Quantum Time

The hardest thing to grasp about quantum time is that it hasn't any associated space. If quantum time doesn't have space, it means that anything existing in time, exists anywhere in all places and combinations at the same time. This phenomena is at the root of the multi-universe argument. This phenomena is also at the root of the concept of God in the christian religion. This concept is that God is everywhere at the same time and knows everything. I'm not familiar with all religions, but I suspect that most religions have the same expressed belief. Similarly, if you or I exist in quantum space, we exist everywhere and know everything at the same time. The knowing everything at the same time is due to quantum entanglement because knowledge hasn't any space to travel through from one point to another. Death doesn't exist in quantum time, because death requires space in which to operate and space doesn't exist in quantum time. That is why you and I would live forever. This concept is also the basis of heaven in the christian religion and probably in other religions too. Quantum Time also involves superposition, which is different things existing literally at the same location. The different things can be possibilities as well as things. This is possible because space doesn't exist in quantum time.

Quantum Time can be summarized as :

1. Space less.
2. Entanglement
3. Superposition

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