Friday, May 26, 2006

The Second Lady’s Universe

The Second Lady is indeed wise and clever. She is the only god I know who has designed a system that applies equally to the universe and its’ occupants. Einstein said that nothing happens until energy moves. In our lives nothing happens until energy moves. Three aspects of energy affect your and my life. The first energy is the energy that exists in our 3 dimensions. The second energy is the energy that flows between souls. The third energy is the energy that flows between The Second Lady and you and I. There is a paradox about the 3 energies. We can expend great amounts of energy in our 3 dimensional existence to gain material things and love. While we expend these energies in 3 dimensions, the second and third energies that flow between souls and The Second Lady stops. In order to regain that flow between our soul and The Second Lady we must shut off our 3 dimensional expending of energy. That’s why The Second Lady encourages us to shut our eyes and be silent when we pray. Perhaps it would be wise to just drop out and let things slide. The Second Lady has anticipated that idea. She has added two spices called randomness and chaos. Most of us are familiar with randomness. That is the "something" that comes out of the blue and whacks us. An example of chaos is the sad fact that everything deteriorates over Time including the 3 dimensional you and I. This means that you and I must expend effort to remain stationary. Our souls help us because our soul has desire that makes our body strive to remain intact. We have an ego which is our concept of ourselves. An ego is also our Soul’s visualization of our 3 dimensional selves. Our Soul lets our body know what is expected through our mind. In essence, we are all rats on a treadmill. If we stop and take our eyes off the ball we forget why we’re pedaling. If we stop pedaling we are flung off the treadmill of life. Our Soul bakes us a cake whose ingredients are desire and ego. The cake is layered with hope. Hope is that imaginary something that makes us believe that everything will work out. Hope is just on the horizon. Unfortunately, you never reach the horizon because the horizon keeps shifting around on the old ball of life. Around and around we go and where we stop nobody knows including us.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

True Love

True love is neither physical, nor romantic.
True love is an acceptance of all that is, has been, will be, and will not be.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Three Forces, Three Waves, The Theory Of Everything

Anything real in this universe involves the number 3. This means that there are 3 types of forces. The commonest type of force is the one that can move outward in any direction. The best example is a bullet from a gun. You can fire a bullet in any direction and at any angle. Time is the next type of force. Time is a force that moves horizontally outward in only one direction. An example of a Time force is our getting older. That is Time moving in one direction outward or horizontally outward. We cannot physically go backwards in Time nor can we change the angle of Time to travel in another direction. The third type of force is Gravity. Gravity operates in an upward direction from any surface because it tends to hold things in one place. Gravity is a weak force because if it wasn’t you and I couldn’t move or breath. Since Gravity tends to hold things in one place, we can say that a Gravity force operates in an inward direction to hold things / people still. Forces also have waves associated with them. The commonest example of a wave associated with a force that can move in any direction at any angle is the bow wave of a boat in two dimensions or a bullet cone in three dimensions. Time’s wave force doesn’t move outward but appears as a two dimensional plate that carries everything horizontally outward as it moves. Gravity’s wave is in the form of a boat keel. Gravity’s boat keel wave must tip in order to cause us to move or accelerate from one point to another because the Gravity Force operates vertically to keep us in place. This means, for example, that if a bullet is fired the Gravity Force, operating vertically to hold the bullet in one place, will tend to bend the direction of the bullet as it flies along on its’ path. That is why a bullet when fired travels in a parabolic arc. Space Ships or satellites traveling in space also travel in an elongated parabolic arc. Energy appears to us in the form of particles, waves and layers. The waves are built in vertical and horizontal layers. The wave layers do not separate to allow the energy / particles to pass but they do flex. This flexing of the waves causes a depression in the wave layers that appear to us as weight and mass. The forward movement of an energy particle tends to tip the Gravity keel layer in the direction of travel. This means that the energy particle tends to be running down hill in a parabolic arc as it moves in its’ direction of travel. Acceleration and its’ parabolic equivalent, inertia, also works on the same principle.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Life Is A Series of Now’s

The real world is assembled from slices of "Now" that are strung together on a gigantic string called your life just like a string of pearls. Occasionally people’s strings or pearls get entangled which can lead to solutions or problems. The Real or Now universe is based on the number 3 in one dimension or 9 in two dimensions forming a 3 X 3 Frame through which we view the world. The Devil, I’m told, goes with 666 as his symbol which is really 999 upside down. If you add the numerals in 999 (9+9+9 = 27, 2+7 =9) or 666 ( 6+6+6 = 18, 1 + 8 = 9) it all comes down to 9 any way you slice it. You will see from this example that although we all have different objectives we are all basically 9’s and 3’s. The quantum universe, which no one can successfully imagine, is based on statistics. In other words you have an equal chance, statistically, of 3 states of confusion, a yes, a no, and a maybe. Maybe is the illusion that something might have happened but you aren’t sure. Something like meeting a gorgeous girl going down the street who seemingly smiles seductively at you. Did it actually happen (yes or no???) or are you hallucinating (maybe) ???? Quantum theory is based on strings because we can’t see the "Now’s" on the string. The way the "Now’s" vibrate on the string give it meaning. Socially, we intuitively understand strings. How many boys can gorgeous girl string together and make them all vibrate in interesting and provocative ways to give a relationship "form" and "meaning"??? Gorgeous girl can join her boy toy "strings" together and send out "waves" which "wash" over prospective suitors. Similarly various vibrating strings can come together and make waves like droplet particles of water falling from a faucet into a tub to give you a bath and waves in which to sail your toy boat. Perhaps this is the true meaning of love.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Conundrum Of Life

One of the great mysteries of life is why you and I exist in reality or in slices of reality called "now". I realize that it is generally an unanswerable question in terms of the individual person unless you’ve been "called" but in terms of our lives as a group there may be an answer. It seems to me that The Second Lady went to a lot of trouble to make things logical in terms of principles, rules, examples and hints if all she wanted to do was to be worshipped. Now I’m not against religion as I believe that each of us is free to believe or do exactly what they want to do. If I were The Second Lady and could do what I wanted why would I go and create a bunch of unruly creatures that are fundamentally nothing but a gigantic headache???? I mean let’s face it. We’re all mostly a bunch of whiners, complainers and askers. Most of us want / demand something for nothing. I think the modern term is "rights". Most of us consider ourselves as reasonably intelligent and if we are based, in principle, on a higher form than would you want people to worship you??? The answer in the abstract is "yes" because our conception of worship is having people admire us without demanding anything. Unfortunately, most of us are worshipped because we have the power to do things to / for other people. Politicians are a prime example. If the politician is in power he / she is the greatest thing since sliced bread. If the politician is out of power and powerless in terms of our wants / desires now how did you spell his / her name??? Some of us have younger brothers / sisters / people that have admired us. The next thing that happens is that you and I become examples. We can never relax, we can’t get grumpy, we have to smile, we have to be profound, we can never let it all hang out. It’s just as bad as being in love with another person. Well you get the idea. So now that we have eliminated worship the next problem is fear. Now most religions are based on an element of fear and ritual to appease and prevent retribution. If you get extremely careless we’ll all get it in the neck. Wars are typical examples of this phenomena. In times of war, each side thinks The Second Lady is on their side. Does she really care unless it affects her overall objectives???? How many soldiers in a foxhole get religion??? How many of us in ordinary life get religion or think about our Souls unless something bad is about to happen to our slice of reality / now??? The only logical thing left is learning. The Second Lady has set things up so we can learn and progress and become useful. The Second Lady has given us a book to follow, principles and examples to guide us. A whole universe to explore and things to discover on our own. She is available for questions. She may not answer us directly because she figures we can work it out on our own. Ultimately, we all face the same exams at the end of our earthly term. So friends, sweat now or sweat later????