Friday, October 03, 2008

Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Dark Force

Here’s dark matter, dark energy, and dark force in the old nutshell. The universe that you and I see is one of particles, objects and events. Particles / objects are something that you and I see like you and me and objects like cars and buildings. Events are something that happens such as your best friend falling down a flight of stairs. Emotions are something we attach to particles, objects and events. We classify each other as acquaintances, friends or lovers. We classify objects such as buildings as nice or not so nice from an architectural viewpoint. Dark matter, dark energy, and dark force are essentially things that we don’t see, but experience either consciously or unconsciously. For instance we see the effects of wind blowing on the trees or over the ground but we don’t see the wind itself like we see you or me. We don’t physically see a wind except through its’ effects. A wind, therefore can be seen as a wave that affects us. Another type of wave is the wave that brings us our TV, radio, and music. We can generate these types of waves by manipulating electrical particles which we call electrons. We live, therefore, essentially in a particle based world that we can see and manipulate to produce waves / strings which we call sound / emotion and use to convey information in one form or another. Let’s suppose that a particle, object or an event had an invisible string / wave associated with it. If the particle, object, or an event is stationary it is being held in place by an unseen or dark force we call gravity. If the particle, object or event starts to move it follows an invisible string / wave we label as dark matter. If the particle, object or event impacts / strikes us we feel its’ effects which is essentially the edge of the dark matter string / wave hitting us which we label as the dark force. Gravity, Time and Space are essentially dark matter waves or strings depending whether they are stationary or moving at the time. Gravity holds things in space or causes things to move / change direction. Time as a string / wave causes things to age in our universe because our universe is expanding as it falls apart. Space as a wave can warp as things move through it. That is why if you plan something in detail, it seldom follows that detail. Black Holes could not change Time / Space / Gravity if Time / Space / Gravity did not exist as a string or wave. Here’s another example. Our English language is made up of 26 letters from A to Z. When we take each letter particle and write a word we convey an agreed upon meaning like car or book. If we take those words which are essentially a string of letters and write a sentence / paragraph we convey ideas / emotions / etc. which can be thought of as a string or wave.