Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Elastic Principle

Everything naturally and inevitably deteriorates over time. If we’re to maintain our status quo we have to sweat things out by employing good old tension. Tension is good. Whenever we set out to build / create / something, whether physical or ethereal like a relationship, we must face the fact that there is tension at the heart of the structure / enterprise / relationship between success and failure which is necessary to make it work. Traditional Judaism and Christianity refers to it as a tension between God and Satan. Sometimes personalizing your struggle is the way to go. Hinduism refers to this as a struggle between illusion and reality. What is real in your life and what is an illusion ??? Only your Mind knows and it ain’t absolutely sure. Zoroastrianism , a religion of old, refers to it as a tension between the god of light, and the god of darkness.. Your religion / belief system probably has tension associated with it in some way if you think about it. Platonic philosophy refers to it as a tension between Body and Soul. Sigmund Freud said it is a struggle between the Id and the Super Ego. Most of us experience tension when a relationship goes sour for reasons of our own doing, someone else doing, or simply outright randomness through circumstances beyond our control to do anything. I prefer to look on it as "The Elastic Principle" because it is simply the nature of the universe in which we live and the old elastic is sufficiently flexible to let "whatever" function without binding or restrictions.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

God’s Dilemma

God was faced with a dilemma in ancient times if he wanted to spread his word across the earth in a limited period of time. His dilemma arose because the most rapid form of travel was by horse / donkey / oxen / cart which was about a radius of 25 miles if the rider wanted to return home that night. God, therefore, had to use many people to bring his word to the far corners of the earth. That meant that God’s message was constant in principle but the words and illustrations were different. This difference was due to the different personalities, language, culture and immediate requirements of that particular society etc.. Since everything in this universe deteriorates over time, the message also deteriorated. Human nature being what it is everyone thought that their message was God’s exact words and to save their Souls they were required to bring everyone into line. This meant that over time there were lots of wars, coercion’s such as the Spanish Inquisition, and destroyed civilizations / cultures and the general subjection of people. Powerful men soon realized that if they could codify God’s word in the form of rituals for the great unwashed and throw in the threat of losing your Soul, it was a perfect way to maintain power and authority. Over time these rituals became the be all and end all and lead to this anomaly contrary to God’s essential message which was / still is :

That each of us has the ability to connect with him.

That unconditional love for all things / people / animals rules.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Life Game

We’re all in a game called life. Your and my life may have different adventures but the principles are the same.
The game of life plays us rather than we playing it because the rules change in the form of attitudes, perceptions and thought. The best example for all three is through the changing meaning of words. The word "gay" meant "happy" in the 19th century and well you know what it means today. We all scramble to remain in the game and to remain relevant. Our memory tries to help by storing our past experiences, mistakes, successful solutions, and perceptions. We all spend countless hours trying to understand each other using our experience, imagination and anything else we can dream up as a future possibility using permutations and combinations disguised as thought and common sense. We all live in the "moment" which is really a slice of "NOW" that is the dividing space between our past and our future. The problem is that our future slices of NOW generally turn out to be different then our imagination. This phenomena is popularly known as The Butterfly Effect. The Butterfly Effect happens because as soon as energy moves everything is disturbed as it travels outward forcing everything out of its’ way. That energy disturbance means that nothing can be repeated exactly because there’s no reverse in this universe. Scientifically speaking, disturbances over there generally mean that ripples are going to occur in your personal space as energy ripples out through the universe. Wars are a perfect example of this phenomena. We are all prisoners of our brains because our brains store our reality. Alzheimer’s is a good example of "life" without the relevant "reality" . Everyone is a mystery to themselves because it is impossible to examine / know yourself beyond the superficial. We all live in a three dimensional matrix or Frame which is also known as our Space. The comfortable limits to our Frame or Space is about 3 units out consisting of the length of our wrist, elbow to wrist, and shoulder to elbow Our comfort area is 9 square units (3 X 3 = 9) or three dimensionally, 27cubic units (3 X3 X 3 = 27). This is true because the universe, in reality, is based in the number 3 and in the abstract slightly off the number 3 (Pi = 3.141592654 and "e", the natural number = 2.718281828)) . The Second Lady has organized the universe so that if everything is otherwise equal we all receive information, in principle, at the speed of light ( 186,000 mph). Whether or not we see it or can make sense of it depends on our ability to interpret our surroundings. There is the interesting possibility that things do travel faster than the speed of light within our universe, but because the speed of light isn’t fast enough to pick up something that travels faster there is a distinct possibility that what we receive as "truth" isn’t true at all. Thus my readers, we are all living an illusion!!!

Friday, August 04, 2006


I got to thinking about why people get all hot and bothered over religion. I include atheism in the definition of religion and anything else that represents a "belief". It seems to me, on reflection, that religion defines "self". If we don’t defend our belief then we "lose" who we are.