Tuesday, August 22, 2006

God’s Dilemma

God was faced with a dilemma in ancient times if he wanted to spread his word across the earth in a limited period of time. His dilemma arose because the most rapid form of travel was by horse / donkey / oxen / cart which was about a radius of 25 miles if the rider wanted to return home that night. God, therefore, had to use many people to bring his word to the far corners of the earth. That meant that God’s message was constant in principle but the words and illustrations were different. This difference was due to the different personalities, language, culture and immediate requirements of that particular society etc.. Since everything in this universe deteriorates over time, the message also deteriorated. Human nature being what it is everyone thought that their message was God’s exact words and to save their Souls they were required to bring everyone into line. This meant that over time there were lots of wars, coercion’s such as the Spanish Inquisition, and destroyed civilizations / cultures and the general subjection of people. Powerful men soon realized that if they could codify God’s word in the form of rituals for the great unwashed and throw in the threat of losing your Soul, it was a perfect way to maintain power and authority. Over time these rituals became the be all and end all and lead to this anomaly contrary to God’s essential message which was / still is :

That each of us has the ability to connect with him.

That unconditional love for all things / people / animals rules.

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