Saturday, October 30, 2004

Bush vs. Kerry

Well boys and girls what will we do now???? We’ve heard the debates, we’ve seen the advertisements, we’ve listened to the rhetoric. What does all the foufou come down to???? I don’t know about you but in order to have better jobs, improve the economy, end outsourcing, etc., etc.…… you have to be alive. Now I realize that Kerry has fought in Vietnam, has 3 Purple Hearts, and appears to be a nice guy. The downside is that Kerry got involved in the anti-war protest and testified before Congress. Bush, on the other hand, joined the National Guard. Other people fought in Vietnam, and did there level best but they’re not running for President. Pretty well Even Stephen to me. Kerry tells us he will wipe out the terrorists. Bush tells us he will wipe out the terrorists. Bush has on the job experience at wiping out the terrorists which must count for something. Bush has management experience which must count for something. Kerry, as far as I know, has had no management experience, but may have management potential. As far as I can see, the terrorists don’t intend to make my life pleasant in the foreseeable future. On the balance of probabilities, and the fact that when the rubber hits the road, I want to live my only rational choice is to vote for job and management experience. May my God forgive me as I hold my nose and vote for Bush!!!

Friday, October 29, 2004

How Many Prime Numbers ????

I got to thinking about prime numbers the other day. A prime number is any number that can only be divided evenly by itself and 1. For example the numbers 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43 are all examples of prime numbers because they can only be divided evenly by 1 and themselves. If you look at the first digit in column 1 of any prime number you will see it will only contain the numbers 1, 3, 7, 9. The other numbers in the columns after the first column will have 10 choices of digits from 0 to 9 (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9). Take any random number and add 1,3,7,9 to it. The new number is probably a prime. Divide it by all the preceding numbers to see if it is a prime. Therefore in a 10’s based number system the number of available digits to put in a column is 10 numbers. Since the prime numbers end in 1,3,7,9 which are 4 numbers out of the available 10 digits then the number of prime numbers is about 4/10 of the total numbers or approximately 40%. Unfortunately numbers ending in 9 are not always primes (39 for example) but the numbers 1,3,7 are always primes. Since the prime numbers ending in 1,3,7 are 3 numbers out of the available 10 digits then the number of definite prime numbers are about 3/10 of the total numbers or approximately 30%. Therefore the number of prime numbers are between 30% to 40% of all the integer numbers (1, 30, 40 etc.).

Saturday, October 23, 2004

How Do You Like Them Apples???

In my blog "Daddy’s Advice" I mentioned that dear old dad said "If you want to be successful, study someone who is successful." After looking around I decided that the only truly successful person / being / whatever depending on your belief, culture etc. was God or his equivalent. The more I thought about God the more I realized he / she / whatever was the originator of the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). God has based the universe on simple principles , that are essentially maintenance free, capable of evolving on their own, and are the bricks for more complicated structures in life, relationships, events etc.. I’m no scholar, but it occurred to me that if you looked around at the various disciplines such as Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Business, Relationships, etc. they all primarily emphasized something that could be useful to solve something elsewhere with a few minor changes to fit the situation. Here’s an example: Scientists have recently confirmed that Earth's spin warps space around the planet. If space is warped so is time. They call the effect Frame Dragging. Any object with mass warps the space-time around it, in much the same way as a heavy object deforms a stretched elastic sheet. Hell, anyone that has ever worked knows that !!! For instance: Your boss tells you to have an important package delivered to the business’s most important client by 5:00 p.m. Your boss thinks it is a big deal ( big deal = big mass). You have from now to 5:00 p.m. to get it there ( frame contains item to be dragged). The package doesn’t get there by 5:00 p.m.. Boss is as mad as hell at you. Boss thinks it is a big deal. (lots of mass). Bosses anger (mass) warps the space-time fabric of your existence ( time drag is indeterminable while boss yells at you). Your space is warped (shortened time to fix the problem if you don’t want to ruin your career / be fired). Therefore your personal life is in a space-time warp with Frame Dragging (will problem ever be resolved??). For the mathematical inclined here is some formula to keep in mind:
Space varies as to 1/event. ( Shorter the allotted space to the importance of the event).
Time varies as to 1/event. ( Shorter the allotted time to the importance of the event).
Force varies as to event. ( The amount of force allotted is proportional to the importance of the event).
Energy varies as to event. ( The amount of energy allotted is proportional to the importance of the event).

Sunday, October 17, 2004

The Love Signal

Back on August 21st , in a blog titled "Life & / Or Success Needs Lies To Function" I mentioned that our brain works on the principle of pattern analysis or management by exception. For instance, If you walk down the street you automatically notice the person that is not conforming to standard patterns whether it be in the physical or mental realm. Another way to look at it is to say that our mind is wired for stereotypical or patterned thinking based on statistical analysis of a group of objects. The best way to demonstrate this principle is contained in the question "How do you tell when someone of the opposite sex is attracted to you"? Simple question, but hard to answer. Basically, each sex has to learn to send out the proper signal which is most likely to be received by the intended target (boy / girl) without causing other receivers (boy / girl companions) to pick up and create "noise" that causes the the intended receiver (boy / girl to respond in a manner to protect her standing with her boy / girl companions. In other words, subtlety at all costs. The best way if you see someone is to reconnoiter first and try to come up with a way to "casually" meet him / her in an innocuous way as possible without raising alarm bells. For instance, if he / she frequents a book store stand close to him / her without invading his / her space and then casually pick up a book and off handedly make a comment (fake like hell) that can allow a conversation to continue if he / she thinks you are worthwhile. Another way is to borrow your friends dog if he / she has a dog and walk the dog right past him / her. Usually you can come up with a comment on how nice his / her dog or if all else fails subtlely allow the dogs to become involved so that he / she is forced to talk to you. If completely disperate get the dogs entangled with each other and at least have some fun. If none of these ruses are possible try meeting him / her while out walking, saying hello to begin with and gradually adding words as you continue to meet him / her. The last problem is how do I know if I’m getting anywhere if his / her body language has left me clueless?? Subtlely look into his / her eyes. If the window to his / her soul is transmitting a "Your toast" message you have lost. If the window to his / her soul says "You’re interesting, but you need work" you’ve been accepted into his / her life!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Love, Soulmates, And All That Jazz

Back in June I posted something on "Love". Somewhere in the piece I mentioned that there are three kinds of relationships being acquaintances, friends and soulmates. You can put most people in the acquaintance or friend category simply by eyeballing and talking to them. Soulmates are a different kettle of fish. Soulmates involve your soul which may be entirely different from your persona as a friend or acquaintance. I think the problem arises because when we are young everyone gets together and lies to each other in the name of "competition". If the "lie" is repeated long enough with the right amount of passion we start to believe it. We all eventually get old, mellow out, don't care, become too tired to lie, and generally let it all hang out or be "honest" with each other. Our Soul starts to break through and we become open to ourselves, others, and lastly to God. We also suddenly realize that we don’t know anything and God graduates in our mind from a "What Is There In It For Me God", to an admission that God is much bigger than we can imagine and we are indeed humble individuals that only exist because of God’s grace. We also start to realize that Jesus was God’s earthly demonstration of his love for us and if we pay attention and listen to God maybe in the great expanse of Random Chance and Consequences we can add something of value before we cash in our chips and if we are really hot find the plan that God left us to discover through interacting with Him.

Friday, October 08, 2004

One Of Life’s Nagging Questions

I got to thinking about Noah’s Ark this morning. The Christian Religion says Noah was told by God to gather all the animal pairs together and put them in an Arc because a gigantic flood was going to cover the earth. So far so good. I also have been reading a lot about the causes of homosexuality lately. It seems that contrary to popular belief homosexuality is not solely a lifestyle choice but rather the result of the wrong genes in the wrong place at the wrong time. Essentially the result of randomness which is a part of our existence. I also read somewhere that homosexuality is not confined to us as a species but also exists in the animal kingdom. I think it is about 10% of the population. Assuming God simply told Noah to gather all the animals in the Arc by a certain date and left it up to Noah to work out the details, then how did Noah select the animal pairs that had the inclination to reproduce???

Friday, October 01, 2004

Bare Bones Of Life

We all have different adventures and believe certain things but when the bare bones of life are examined this is how it works. We arrive with nothing, accumulate like hell, go over the top realizing most things are meaningless including your career and promotional opportunities, down the other side where your possessions are graded for function like bathroom handholds and finally out the door and you can't take anything with you. The final indignity is that you have to explain to God / Fickle Finger Of Fate what you accomplished and he knows when you are lying. If you don’t believe in anything after death you still get it in the ear. Is there irony here or what????