Saturday, October 30, 2004

Bush vs. Kerry

Well boys and girls what will we do now???? We’ve heard the debates, we’ve seen the advertisements, we’ve listened to the rhetoric. What does all the foufou come down to???? I don’t know about you but in order to have better jobs, improve the economy, end outsourcing, etc., etc.…… you have to be alive. Now I realize that Kerry has fought in Vietnam, has 3 Purple Hearts, and appears to be a nice guy. The downside is that Kerry got involved in the anti-war protest and testified before Congress. Bush, on the other hand, joined the National Guard. Other people fought in Vietnam, and did there level best but they’re not running for President. Pretty well Even Stephen to me. Kerry tells us he will wipe out the terrorists. Bush tells us he will wipe out the terrorists. Bush has on the job experience at wiping out the terrorists which must count for something. Bush has management experience which must count for something. Kerry, as far as I know, has had no management experience, but may have management potential. As far as I can see, the terrorists don’t intend to make my life pleasant in the foreseeable future. On the balance of probabilities, and the fact that when the rubber hits the road, I want to live my only rational choice is to vote for job and management experience. May my God forgive me as I hold my nose and vote for Bush!!!


Jane said...


Jane said...

I don't know... We'll have to see after this Tuesday.... I just don' tknow how you can, I know that Kerry isn't the strongest canidate but he would be better then Bush, think of our environment, and women's choices, and the people, and Iraqi's and the fact that we might be sending young people to war to fight in a battle that could've been stopped... We need someone to focus on the environment