Friday, October 01, 2004

Bare Bones Of Life

We all have different adventures and believe certain things but when the bare bones of life are examined this is how it works. We arrive with nothing, accumulate like hell, go over the top realizing most things are meaningless including your career and promotional opportunities, down the other side where your possessions are graded for function like bathroom handholds and finally out the door and you can't take anything with you. The final indignity is that you have to explain to God / Fickle Finger Of Fate what you accomplished and he knows when you are lying. If you don’t believe in anything after death you still get it in the ear. Is there irony here or what????

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Jane said...

so the fucking crazy thing about life- in the end nothing matters or does it? That's why I want to die without regret or else I will be bawling my way up to heaven and i'll have to look god in the eye and say "you're it? i take it you know i don't do coke without herion..."

I've always believed god was hooked on drugs... strange- life so strange