Saturday, October 23, 2004

How Do You Like Them Apples???

In my blog "Daddy’s Advice" I mentioned that dear old dad said "If you want to be successful, study someone who is successful." After looking around I decided that the only truly successful person / being / whatever depending on your belief, culture etc. was God or his equivalent. The more I thought about God the more I realized he / she / whatever was the originator of the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). God has based the universe on simple principles , that are essentially maintenance free, capable of evolving on their own, and are the bricks for more complicated structures in life, relationships, events etc.. I’m no scholar, but it occurred to me that if you looked around at the various disciplines such as Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Business, Relationships, etc. they all primarily emphasized something that could be useful to solve something elsewhere with a few minor changes to fit the situation. Here’s an example: Scientists have recently confirmed that Earth's spin warps space around the planet. If space is warped so is time. They call the effect Frame Dragging. Any object with mass warps the space-time around it, in much the same way as a heavy object deforms a stretched elastic sheet. Hell, anyone that has ever worked knows that !!! For instance: Your boss tells you to have an important package delivered to the business’s most important client by 5:00 p.m. Your boss thinks it is a big deal ( big deal = big mass). You have from now to 5:00 p.m. to get it there ( frame contains item to be dragged). The package doesn’t get there by 5:00 p.m.. Boss is as mad as hell at you. Boss thinks it is a big deal. (lots of mass). Bosses anger (mass) warps the space-time fabric of your existence ( time drag is indeterminable while boss yells at you). Your space is warped (shortened time to fix the problem if you don’t want to ruin your career / be fired). Therefore your personal life is in a space-time warp with Frame Dragging (will problem ever be resolved??). For the mathematical inclined here is some formula to keep in mind:
Space varies as to 1/event. ( Shorter the allotted space to the importance of the event).
Time varies as to 1/event. ( Shorter the allotted time to the importance of the event).
Force varies as to event. ( The amount of force allotted is proportional to the importance of the event).
Energy varies as to event. ( The amount of energy allotted is proportional to the importance of the event).


Sanket said...

Interesting! Try and explain relativity thru this 'warp' concept.
By the way, as far as god is concerned, I am probably at a stage wherein I can only cry, "Oh god.. if there's a god.. save my soul.. if there's a soul.."!

Sanket said...

Hey.. and I've tried to answer ur question on my blog. Check it out.