Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dark Stuff, Light Stuff & Lastly Strings

Space is composed of strings and strings are composed of dark matter, dark energy and dark force. Our seen universe is composed of light matter, light energy, and light force. Space is composed of dark matter in the form of strings which we can’t see but can experience. Strings also have dark energy which hold what we can see in position. The dark force stretches the strings, but it doesn’t stretch them evenly so over vast distances the galaxies seem to be accelerating from each other but it is only an illusion from our space viewpoint. The light force which we can see is gravity which allows us to move in our light space. Light force also causes entropy which is a gentle falling apart of light matter, light energy and light force which results in our ability to move, to transmit information and to deteriorate gracefully which we call aging. Dark force is equivalent to light gravity. Heavy dark forces are caused by the flexing of dark space strings. Heavy Light force is caused by matter moving at a velocity and acceleration. Light matter tends to contract when moving at a velocity or acceleration. This phenomena is not noticeable at low speeds. Space at high string speed tends to contract which we see as time dilation which occurs in Black Holes. All information about the black hole is in its’ event horizon because that is the border between light and dark. Our seen universe is based on the number 3, whereas dark space seen by us as time is based on 9. What we see as light is primarily space. What we see as dark is primarily time. More advanced civilizations have learned to connect light matter to dark space which means they can travel in time rather than space. Time has no dimension so there is nothing to transverse which results in everything being done instantly. That is why we can see what has happened astronomically speaking in the past when we look out into the heavens.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Three, Nine & Time

The universe tries to stabilize around the number 3. The range of potential stability is the difference between Pi ( 3.141592654 ) and e^1 ( 2.718281828 ) or ( .423310825 ). One unit of Time is equal to 9 units of Space. These 9 units of space do not have to be uniform spaces in terms of width. They can be random widths with different spacing between them. These differing units of appearing space / frames cause the illusion of random things happening at different intervals. These random happenings may or may not affect you. This process is Random Time. We can also use Time for counting as we mark certain events in our lives. This is Artificial Time based on years / days / hours / minutes / seconds. Real Time is when something out of the blue affects you.

In summary, Time can be:

1. Random
2. Artificial
3. Real

Friday, April 09, 2010

String Theory Explains Special Relativity

The three principles of Special Relativity are:

1) length contraction
2) time dilation or time contraction / expansion with a constancy of 9 units.
3) failure of simultaneity at a distance or change in space over a distance.

Length contraction is essentially space expanding or contracting the faster it moves. Time dilation or time contraction / expansion is harder to grasp. Time always has 9 units in total. Each unit can expand or contract in size but when the resultant expanded or contracted units are counted they are always 9 in number which is equal to 1 unit of time. The failure of simultaneity at a distance is really the result of the expansion or contraction of individual units of space in time ( space-time ) whose total number must equal 9 of time before time can be seen / felt.

There also is the Law Of Conservation Of Momentum which states that linear momentum doesn’t change unless an external force acts upon it. The Law Of Conservation Of Energy states that energy can neither be created or destroyed.

Suppose we have a particle which is equal to 84. The string associated with particle 84 is obtained by adding its’ digits ( 8 + 4 = 12 ). The string associated with particle 84 can be also obtained by adding its’ first string number ( 12 ) to obtain 3 ( 1 + 2 = 3 ). Therefore particle 84 has the strings 12 and 3. If we subtract particle 84’s first string ( 12 ) from the value of the particle we get ( 84 - 12 = 72 ). If we subtract particle 84’s second string ( 3 ) from the value of the particle we get ( 84 - 3 = 81 ). 72 and 81 is the value of the frame in which the particle 84 exists at some location in two dimensional space. In one dimensional space 84 exists somewhere on its’ first one dimensional string 12 or somewhere on its’ second one dimensional string of 3. If we divide 84’s frames ( 72, 81 ) by 9 which represents 1 unit of time we get 8, or 9 units of space as in space / time. ( 72 / 9 = 8 ) ( 81 / 9 = 9 ). Depending on how you want to look at it, we have 9 units of space divided into a frame area of 72 or 81 ) giving us more space as an answer ( 8 or 9 ). Alternately you can look at it as one unit of time giving you 8 or 9 units of space as in time / space or space / time.

Length contraction involves the Law of Conservation of Energy and the Law of Conservation of Momentum. Suppose the universe is the size of the frame ( 72 or 81 ). The particle starts to move. Energy for that movement has to be taken from the particle because of the Law of Conservation Of Energy. That movement causes the particle ( 84 ) to contract to a lower number ( 69 ) and the resulting calculations change which is equivalent to a length contraction.

The Law Of Conservation Of Momentum says the total momentum can’t change in a closed system not affected by external forces. The particle 84 has a closed system ( frame ) of 81 or 72. If we observe the particle from outside the system that external ( observational ) force is acting to change the momentum of that particle. If we calculate the momentum from our position the answer will not match the observation of someone else from another position. That is why we cannot measure momentum and position of a particle at the same time because our act of observing changes the momentum and position of the particle. This is failure of simultaneity at a distance. It is also time dilation because the two observers are observing from different frames which have different space unit lengths totaling 9 ( equal to one unit of time ).

In summary, Time consists of 9 units of space before you have 1 countable unit of time. Each unit of these 9 units of space can expand or contract thereby giving Time the illusion of dilation. Failure of simultaneity at a distance is the result of the different frames from which the observation took place and the effects of the Law Of Conservation Of Momentum ( molecular vibration also ) on the relevant frame.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

If Einstein Had Been A Social Scientist

It occurred to me the other day that if Einstein had been a social scientist rather than a physicist, the equation of E = MC^2 would have been explained as follows:

All organizations create as well as absorb energy. The organization in order to successfully accomplish a task must commit a minimum amount of resource to that project. This minimum amount of resource can be designated "M". Management, being management, must micromanage the project which is usually measured in the amount of time they run around thrusting their nose into things and demanding progress reports. The maximum speed of Time cannot be faster than the speed of light. Let the maximum speed of light be "C". Management in their hurry to get things done usually demand that work goes faster. Occasionally they add resources which will increase "M". Too much resource ( M ) in an insufficient space ( Time as in Space / Time ) increases the gravity of the situation. The effects of increased gravity "bends" the space devoted to the project thereby curving it further inward preventing any "light" or results escaping.(i.e.: Onlookers see nothing happening) The effects of this contraction concentrates the resources devoted to the project thereby increasing the gravity of the situation which-tends to promote more contraction until a singularity is reached at which point no "light" escapes thereby leading onlookers to assume that nothing is happening-. Massive E or Energy develops at the point of singularity after which everything beyond the horizon of that project is absorbed and if severe enough results in the ruining of careers as well as the organization itself.