Saturday, April 03, 2010

If Einstein Had Been A Social Scientist

It occurred to me the other day that if Einstein had been a social scientist rather than a physicist, the equation of E = MC^2 would have been explained as follows:

All organizations create as well as absorb energy. The organization in order to successfully accomplish a task must commit a minimum amount of resource to that project. This minimum amount of resource can be designated "M". Management, being management, must micromanage the project which is usually measured in the amount of time they run around thrusting their nose into things and demanding progress reports. The maximum speed of Time cannot be faster than the speed of light. Let the maximum speed of light be "C". Management in their hurry to get things done usually demand that work goes faster. Occasionally they add resources which will increase "M". Too much resource ( M ) in an insufficient space ( Time as in Space / Time ) increases the gravity of the situation. The effects of increased gravity "bends" the space devoted to the project thereby curving it further inward preventing any "light" or results escaping.(i.e.: Onlookers see nothing happening) The effects of this contraction concentrates the resources devoted to the project thereby increasing the gravity of the situation which-tends to promote more contraction until a singularity is reached at which point no "light" escapes thereby leading onlookers to assume that nothing is happening-. Massive E or Energy develops at the point of singularity after which everything beyond the horizon of that project is absorbed and if severe enough results in the ruining of careers as well as the organization itself.

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