Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Three, Nine & Time

The universe tries to stabilize around the number 3. The range of potential stability is the difference between Pi ( 3.141592654 ) and e^1 ( 2.718281828 ) or ( .423310825 ). One unit of Time is equal to 9 units of Space. These 9 units of space do not have to be uniform spaces in terms of width. They can be random widths with different spacing between them. These differing units of appearing space / frames cause the illusion of random things happening at different intervals. These random happenings may or may not affect you. This process is Random Time. We can also use Time for counting as we mark certain events in our lives. This is Artificial Time based on years / days / hours / minutes / seconds. Real Time is when something out of the blue affects you.

In summary, Time can be:

1. Random
2. Artificial
3. Real

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