Friday, September 25, 2009

The Theory Of Everything

The Theory Of Everything is really space / time in its’ various forms. If an object or a particle is at rest in space / time it deforms the space / time surrounding it creating a phenomena that we call gravity. If an object / particle vibrates, this action causes space / time to repeatedly flex which we call a frequency. If an object / particle travels it causes space / time to flex at a velocity which we see as a wave. If an object / particle accelerates which is really a change in the velocity we see it as a change in the wave which we call acceleration. Space / Time also has 9 as a unit of length which doesn’t contain anything until it exists / arrives at that location. Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity is simply different perspectives of a similar frame in space / time from various positions. We do the same thing when we interpret something happening in space / time. Since space / time seems to have a unit of length then it's logical that eventually we can discover how to travel in all directions in both space and time which would include forward and backwards.