Friday, March 30, 2012

Quantum Time

I got to thinking about time. Time in our world is used as a marker which we see in clocks or as a time location in 3 dimensional space. To state the obvious, if I'm to meet you at a coffee shop I'd better know at what time. Our real world is essentially about space-time or space and time since we can move through space in all directions at any time.

In summary, time in the real world is used as:

1. Location ( somewhere in three dimensional space at a particular time )

2. Measurement of velocity or acceleration ( kilometers / hr. or miles / hr.. )

3. Marker ( think of clocks here )

The quantum world is the reverse of the real world. Space is like time in our world. Space only exists as a marker. In the quantum world we think of space as right here or over there. We can't travel through space in the quantum world to get from here to there. The quantum world is essentially about energy-time. Energy is a bit of a mystery. We talk about force in our world which is basically energy under motion at a velocity ( wind ) or acceleration ( f = ma ) or ( force = mass ( or weight ) X acceleration ). Time is also a bit of a mystery in the quantum world. In our real world, time has one direction forward in a predominately straight line. Time is simply a linear dimension which is largely useless as far as any interaction with it is concerned. If there isn't any space in the quantum world except in the abstract, then how does time work if it functions like space in our world??? The answer is that time stretches in the quantum world. The interesting part is that if a plane of time stretches, anything on the plane of time stretches at the same time. Time also acts as a nuclear force in the quantum world. It connects negative and positive gravity
( g- time g+ ). ( g- time g+ ) is energy or energy-time in the quantum world. Let's put an unknown quantity of energy ( g- time g+ ) into a box. If we stretch time in the box, we also stretch the unknown quantity of energy at the same time changing the shape of the energy from round to an ellipse ( think egg shape here ). If we examine a small portion of the stretched energy we run into Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. Heisenberg uncertainty principle says there is a fundamental limit on the accuracy of whatever we are measuring since both position and momentum cannot be simultaneously known. In layman's terms, the more precisely one property is measured, the less precisely the other can be controlled, determined, or known. In our particular case we can't measure the amount of energy we have accurately because the position of the energy is moving or otherwise under momentum because quantum time is stretching the energy. Like our real world, nothing is 100% in the quantum world. Occasionally, some ( g- ) and ( g+ ) leaves the quantum world and appears in our world as matter and anti-matter which immediately annihilates and returns to the quantum world as energy.

In summary time in the quantum world is used as:

1. Space ( the stretching of time ).

2. Nuclear energy ( joins negative and positive gravity ( g- time g+ ) .

3. Vibrates as nuclear energy and holds atoms together.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Numbers Into Attractors & Fractals

In the beginning mathematics was based on numbers which we all use every day to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Next we developed symbols such as ( x, y, z ) to put into formulas to solve for numbers. Later on we developed trigonometry which is essentially the study of ratios involving geometry and then came calculus which was the study of what happens when you continually shrink / change distances until you get something very small. Somewhere along the line, people started to put ideas into mathematical form and solved for an outcome which was later proved / disproved in experiments. Einstein's Theory of Relativity is an example of that phenomena. Mandelbrot discovered fractals using equations which resulted into some very beautiful designs. The discovery of fractals also revealed something called an attractor which was a number, around which these beautiful fractal designs seem to evolve. If you live long enough, most of us will realize at some point or another that most of the time there is stability in our lives, then sometimes instability and finally outright chaos. Fortunately, cycling also exists, so with a little luck we all survive without too much damage. When you think about it, there is a possibility that all seemingly chaotic systems retain some shreds of order. Usually statistics is used to find these correlations of order which drives most people batty. Maybe there is a simpler way. If you take the numbers from 1 to infinity and add their digits, you will find that the one digit totals will be one of ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8, 9 ) in sequence. These one digit numbers are the fractal attractors of our numbering system.

For instance, the number ( 97 ) has the digits ( 9 and 7 ). Add the digits ( 9 + 7 = 16 ). Keep adding until you have a one digit total ( 1 + 6 = 7 ). Number ( 97 ) has the number ( 7 ) as its' attractor.

If you graph the one digit attractors of all the numbers from one to infinity you will have a series of even right angle triangles ( _!, _!, _! , etc. ) that look like waves or the teeth of a hand saw which in essence form a fractal.

If you subtract the one digit total attractor ( 7 ) from the number ( 97 ), ( 97 – 7 = 90 ) and graph the results for all the numbers you will get a series of elongated climbing steps which is really a series of butted rectangles forming a fractal in the shape of an elongated staircase.

If you divide ( 90 ) by 9 ( 90 / 9 = 10 ) and do the same to all the other numbers and then graph you will also get a series of elongated climbing steps which is, once again, a series of butted rectangles forming an elongated staircase.
The single digit numbers are the attractors of our numbering system. The single digit numbers repeat themselves in an ordered pattern, from 1 to 9 and then repeat 1 to 9 again and again. You will see from the graph that the 1 digit numbers form a series of uniform right angled waves ( _!, _!, _!, etc. ) which is an infinite saw toothed fractal.

This is the model for the quantization of any number or set / system of numbers whether sequential, harmonic, energy related, chaotic, decimal, fractional or otherwise into attractors and fractals. The only limitation is your imagination. You then graph the attractors or rectangles which form into waves, steps, mountains or, in general, fractals.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Schrodinger's Cat, Light Switches & Quitrits

We live in a world which is mostly space and time . Space is something we move in and time is primarily used as a marker . We can't change the direction of time and we can't travel within time as we can within space. In our world, we can see the properties of most things by simply looking at or examining them . For instance a property of a car might be that it is red in color. If we want to gamble on something we can figure out the probability of winning or losing. For example if we toss a coin over a long period of time it will come out as a possibility of ½ because there is a chance that one time it will be heads and another time tails. The reason for this consistency is that we live in a space which is relatively constant. The quantum world is somewhat different. It doesn't have space in in which we have to move to get from A to B. Space in the quantum world is like time in our world. Space in the quantum world is an intellectual abstraction. Time in the world you and I know is, generally speaking, also an intellectual abstraction . Time in the quantum world has something called superposition. Superposition means that in the quantum world, all the properties of something like a car are presented at once. For instance all the possible colors and shades of a car are present at once. As soon as you eyeball the car in the quantum world, you only see one color because of your action of looking at it. The quantum world also has entanglement . Things in the quantum world can't literally travel through space because space doesn't exist . In the quantum world, entanglement modifies things. This means if you change something over here, the changes immediately appear over there. The last thing is what I call superlocation. Since space in the quantum world doesn't exist except as an abstraction, you can have things existing in exactly the same location. Now for the quitrit. In our world of time and space we usually think in terms of yes or no which is the one or zero bit. The computer in our world functions around the zero ( 0 ) or one ( 1 ) bit. There is a third ( 3rd ) possibility which most of us think as being random because it doesn't always present itself. There is a probability that the flipped coin could end up on its' edge instead of heads or tails. The chances of that happening from a probability viewpoint is so remote that we call it a random occurrence. The equivalent to a bit in our world is the qubit ( quantum bit ) in the quantum world. The equivalent to randomness in the quantum world since there isn't any space except in the abstract is the quitrit. The most famous example in the quantum world is Schrodinger’s cat. Usually Schrodinger’s cat in the quantum world is considered to be alive and dead at the same time ( qubit ) because of superposition or all possibilities until we open the cat's box and eyeball it at which point an arbitrary choice is made ( yes (1) or no (0 )) because we looked at it and disturbed the energy. Randomness in the quantum world is the quitrit. The quitrit represents the possibility that it isn't yes or no but somewhere in between yes or no. The in between is also a superposition of all possibilities but it is one that never crosses our minds. In the case of Schrodinger's cat it is the moribund condition which is technically and subtly neither alive nor dead but is ½ way in between. If you're not into cats, think of it as a light switch. The light switches superposition of all possibilities is either on ( yes ) or off ( no ). The moribund condition of the light switch in the superposition of all possibilities is when it is ½ way in between which is neither on ( yes ) nor off ( no ).

Here are the equivalents.

In the real world we have:

Yes – 1 - Bit

No – 0 - Bit

Random – Maybe something will happen and maybe it won't. The probability is ½ .

In the quantum world:

Yes – 1 - Qubit

No – 0 - Qubit

Quitrit – The quitrit is ½ way between two states which is one of the superpositions of all possibilities. Neither yes nor no but ½ way in between becoming one or the other. Technically in the quantum world there isn't any randomness because the superposition of all possibilities also covers the concept of randomness. Of course, as soon as you eyeball the quantum world you inadvertently add or subtract protons which create a chaotic system until everything settles down. It's a hard concept to grasp because it's always present. In our real world randomness doesn't always happen because in our real world we only have probability which might or might not happen in the abstract. This we know because nothing in the real world is 100% and it is extremely difficult to find a number that is completely random, if you want to do an experiment which depends on random numbers.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Dark Matter & Dark Energy

Time in our universe is primarily used as a marker and travels forward / outward in one direction. Space in our universe is something we can travel through in all directions for any distance. In the quantum world, the situation is reversed. Space in the quantum world is like time. We can't travel through it, but it serves as a marker. Time, on the other hand, functions as space in the quantum world. Time in the quantum world has a concept called superposition. Superposition means that time can exist in all states. All states is a fancy way of saying that time in the quantum world can exist in all possibilities at the same time which includes all properties . All possibilities means past, present and future. All properties means all characteristics which we see in color or design or anything else you can dream up. Since space is only a marker in the quantum world, everything in the quantum world is like a cloud with no defined edges or center. Information / changes in the quantum world has to be made through time as space is only a marker . In order to pass information / changes time has a process called entanglement. If you do something to something here, it passes the changes to something there instantaneously as space is only a marker in the quantum world and not something to transverse . There is a third element which I call superlocation. Since space is only a marker, many things can exist at the same location because space is only a marker . Those somethings are anchored at that superlocation by quantum gravity . This happens because space doesn't physically exist in the quantum world so there isn't anything to anchor the somethings in that place through defined edges / dimensions. Dark Matter / Dark Energy is therefore really quantum gravity in disguise.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Quantum Information

Einstein said that mass and energy were equal and were equivalent to each other . Energy can't be destroyed but energy can be converted to mass and mass can be converted to energy . The newest thing is quantum information and whether or not it can be destroyed . This is not an easy question to answer . For instance, you and I may speak different languages . If I can't read something in your language does that mean that the quantum information is destroyed ? If you or I are trying to learn a skill, the first thing is trying to learn the language in which that skill is written . Mathematics is an obvious example because it is full of symbols , procedures and language that has to be learned in order to understand it . Our world is full of different life forms . Each of these life forms have a different language that is used to communicate amongst themselves. Most of the time you and I don't have a clue about these languages . Does that mean that the quantum information is destroyed because we don't understand it and it has no discernible meaning for us ? Things happen to us in daily life . There is probably some quantum information to explain it , but most of the time , you and I think in terms of bad luck , random happening , or punishment for being bad commonly known as sinning . I can go on and on with examples, but you get the idea.

Quantum Information usually comes down to these three ( 3 ) things:

1. Structure or organization .

2. Meaning or relationships .

3. Statement / reflection of what is currently happening .

I think that mass, energy and quantum information is all energy in different forms . Anything that has mass or weight such as you, I or a building has energy . There may be some quantum particles that don't have a mass or weight but they may have quantum information which we don't yet understand . If we go back to your and my differing languages again, it is probable that you and I use different energies to express the same thought such as “ The car is red .” Information in our world is affected by the space we live in . For instance if you and I see an accident , your and my version of what happened may be different depending on our location in space and what we could see. Also due to the space we live in and the time difference / change between us and something happening, the quantum information reaches us at different times. There is also some suggestion that you and I are just holograms in a universe and are a projection that reflects our changes . Lastly , there is an uproar about black holes and their event horizon. It seems that if you fell toward a black hole event horizon, you would enter and leave your quantum information behind . This means in some circles that your quantum information has been destroyed. On the other hand, I think that as you go through the event horizon you change and your quantum information is changed to reflect your new condition. The quantum information left on the event horizon is really excess energy which dissipates over time because that energy exists in space . This dissipation is know as Hawking Radiation .