Friday, March 30, 2012

Quantum Time

I got to thinking about time. Time in our world is used as a marker which we see in clocks or as a time location in 3 dimensional space. To state the obvious, if I'm to meet you at a coffee shop I'd better know at what time. Our real world is essentially about space-time or space and time since we can move through space in all directions at any time.

In summary, time in the real world is used as:

1. Location ( somewhere in three dimensional space at a particular time )

2. Measurement of velocity or acceleration ( kilometers / hr. or miles / hr.. )

3. Marker ( think of clocks here )

The quantum world is the reverse of the real world. Space is like time in our world. Space only exists as a marker. In the quantum world we think of space as right here or over there. We can't travel through space in the quantum world to get from here to there. The quantum world is essentially about energy-time. Energy is a bit of a mystery. We talk about force in our world which is basically energy under motion at a velocity ( wind ) or acceleration ( f = ma ) or ( force = mass ( or weight ) X acceleration ). Time is also a bit of a mystery in the quantum world. In our real world, time has one direction forward in a predominately straight line. Time is simply a linear dimension which is largely useless as far as any interaction with it is concerned. If there isn't any space in the quantum world except in the abstract, then how does time work if it functions like space in our world??? The answer is that time stretches in the quantum world. The interesting part is that if a plane of time stretches, anything on the plane of time stretches at the same time. Time also acts as a nuclear force in the quantum world. It connects negative and positive gravity
( g- time g+ ). ( g- time g+ ) is energy or energy-time in the quantum world. Let's put an unknown quantity of energy ( g- time g+ ) into a box. If we stretch time in the box, we also stretch the unknown quantity of energy at the same time changing the shape of the energy from round to an ellipse ( think egg shape here ). If we examine a small portion of the stretched energy we run into Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. Heisenberg uncertainty principle says there is a fundamental limit on the accuracy of whatever we are measuring since both position and momentum cannot be simultaneously known. In layman's terms, the more precisely one property is measured, the less precisely the other can be controlled, determined, or known. In our particular case we can't measure the amount of energy we have accurately because the position of the energy is moving or otherwise under momentum because quantum time is stretching the energy. Like our real world, nothing is 100% in the quantum world. Occasionally, some ( g- ) and ( g+ ) leaves the quantum world and appears in our world as matter and anti-matter which immediately annihilates and returns to the quantum world as energy.

In summary time in the quantum world is used as:

1. Space ( the stretching of time ).

2. Nuclear energy ( joins negative and positive gravity ( g- time g+ ) .

3. Vibrates as nuclear energy and holds atoms together.

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