Friday, April 06, 2012

Into The Quantum Present, Past & Future & Some Quantum Time Travel Thrown In For Good Measure

In the real world we predominately move in space which we can travel through in any direction at any angle. Time in our real world is basically used as a marker since we can't move within the time dimension. Time, however, can drag us forward into the future as it is acting as a form of permanent sticky gravity that drags us outward in one direction which we call the future. We can think of the past in terms of things happening in time, but we can't recreate those physical situations except in our mind. In our world, we can see the properties of most things by simply looking at or examining them . For instance a property of a car might be that it is red in color. If we want to gamble on something we can figure out the probability of winning or losing. For example if we toss a coin over a long period of time it will come out as a possibility of ½ because there is a chance that one time it will be heads and another time tails. The reason for this consistency is that we live in space which is relatively constant. The quantum world is somewhat different. Space in the quantum world is like time in our world. We see space in the quantum world as an intellectual abstraction. Space is all around us but we can't travel through it to get from A to B. Time in the quantum world is all things at the same time. In our real world space, and life in general, is organized linearly. You can argue that you can multitask but from a time viewpoint there is always seconds between what you're doing. Time in the quantum world has something called superposition. Superposition means that in the quantum world, all the properties of something like a car are presented at once. For instance all the possible colors and shades of a car are present at once. As soon as you eyeball the car in the quantum world, you only see one color because of your action of looking at it. All possibilities in terms of superposition in the quantum world means that you can also have the past, present and future all at the same time. As soon as you eyeball the past, present, or future in the quantum world that past, present or future becomes reality. The quantum world also has entanglement .Things in the quantum world can't literally travel through space because space doesn't exist . In the quantum world, entanglement modifies things. This means if you change something over here, the changes immediately appear over there. The last thing is what I call superlocation. Since space in the quantum world doesn't exist except as an abstraction, you can have things existing in exactly the same location. This means that if you built a detector in a superlocation in the past it could capture information on the state of the quantum field in the past and carry it forward to the future which in essence would be quantum time travel. Another detector would capture information on the state of the field in the future from the past at the same superlocation. The two detectors would then be compared side-by-side to see if their state has become entangled in the same way we presently understand entanglement. The two detectors being consistent would capture the past information which would have only moved in time and not in space because space doesn't physically exist in the quantum world except as an extraction. The thinking around this process gets a little hairy but essentially it depends on entanglement, time without space and superlocation. Both detectors acting as carriers similar to a radio beam in our world would have to be entangled with shared properties or they couldn't capture the past same information in the future. The detector combinations are equivalent to today's prime combinations in cryptography. The possible uses of this method is only restricted by our imagination. One possibility is that you could see the creation of the universe in the quantum world's version of 3D. Now wouldn't that be something!!!!! Chemical reactions, black holes, nuclear reactions, who knows what. Someone once raised the question that if aliens existed, why don't they visit us ??? Ignoring the fact that we're an uncultured lot prone to bludgeoning now and again, maybe their quantum knowledge allows them to see us in their version of 3D!!!

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