Saturday, April 28, 2012

Three Fundamental Spacial Possibilities, Three Fundamental Quantum Realities & One In Both Is Always Chaotic

The universe is built around the number 3. What this means is that our real world possibilities and objective quantum world reality have three choices spread out in either real space or at one quantum superlocation.

They are:

  1. Yes – 1
  2. No – 0
  3. Maybe – ½ .

The fascinating part about this list is that when you apply :

  1. Yes – 1
  2. No – 0
  3. Maybe – ½

to mathematics you realize that the third choice ( Maybe – ½ ) is actually the concept of chaos, real world probability , and also objective quantum reality. The light switch in the real world is a perfect example. All the possibilities exist in our real world in spread out physical space.

  1. Yes – 1 – The light switch is on.
  2. No – 0 – The light switch is off
  3. Maybe – ½ – The light switch is neither on nor off but somewhere in between. This is the concept of chaos because you don't know where the light switch is in terms of the probability of becoming on or off.

In quantum chaos you find Schrodinger's famous cat. His cat is in a closed box. Since the quantum world can only express information using energy because physical space doesn't exist, you always see all the states, properties and existing objective quantum reality at once. Schrodinger's cat has the following three states, properties and quantum objective realities in its' objective quantum world at the same superlocation:

  1. Yes -1 -Alive.
  2. No – 0 – Dead
  3. Maybe – ½ – chaotic – ½ way between alive or dead ( moribund ). This is the concept of chaos because you don't know whether Schrodinger’s cat is on its' way to life or death.

because all the objective quantum realities exist at the same time in the same quantum superlocation since the quantum world cannot express probabilities in real world space because space doesn't physically exist.

This is a hard concept to grasp. Basically in the quantum world which doesn't have physical space, all of the quantum reality is expressed at one quantum superlocation. In the real world that has physical space, it is possible to express possibilities as a future event in terms of statistics and percentages in real existing or future physical space.

The quantum world expresses all information at once using energy because space is only a marker in the quantum world as being here or over there. If something moves in the quantum world or gives you information it's because of energy. An example of this phenomena is when electrons jump from orbit to orbit because nothing can travel through space in the quantum world because physical space doesn't exist in the quantum world except as a concept of right here or over there.

As the quantum world runs solely on energy, and our sight runs on energy photons, our sight's energy photons will disturb the balance of energy photons in Schrodinger's cat's box showing the various states or all the quantum realities all at once. This is what happens just before our eye photons get to see Schrodinger's cat.

  1. Schrodinger's cat's box is opened.
  2. It contains all the cat's possible states ( alive, dead, moribund ).
  3. Our eyeballing disturbs the cat's boxes' photons showing all the quantum reality at once which causes a an arbitrary choice to be made which is a percentage of our real world possibilities ( 1/3rd ).

The universe always has a chaotic choice when a decision is made. In our real world we call it a possible outcome expressed as a percentage ( 1/3rd ) occurring in real world space. In the quantum world it is all the quantum realities at the quantum superlocation because there's no physical space. When we eyeball the quantum world we flip it into our real world space. This flipping is nature's way of bringing randomness into our real world. Nature's randomnesses is what brings adventure into our existence.

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