Thursday, April 12, 2012

Time Is The Mother Of The Three Fundamental Forces

The four fundamental forces based on what they do are:

1. Electromagnetic.

2. Strong nuclear force.

3. Weak nuclear force.

4. Gravity.

The electromagnetic force acts between electrically charged particles. Electricity, magnetism and light are involved with this force and it has an infinite range. Modern communications runs on the electromagnetic force. The electromagnetic force is the first of the three fundamental unified forces.

The strong and weak nuclear force is really time in disguise. Nobody knows how the universe started but let's assume that the unknown universe's quantum world was all about energy. Let's suppose that the unknown universe had a quantum world in which negative energy gravity ( g- ) and positive energy gravity ( g+ ) was connected by time ( time ) to form energy that looked like ( g- time g+ ). The ( g- time g+ ) broke free of that universe and the ( g- time g+ ) stretched into what is now our universe’s real and quantum world. The former universe's rules would morph into the rules of our universe, but there would be a delay during the transition to the new rules. This means that time from the old universe would expand our universe faster than our universe's rules would seemingly allow if they were fully in force. The plus energy gravity would convert into dark matter and dark energy. The minus energy gravity would convert into the gravity that you and I know. Some of the time would convert into real space which is familiar to us. Some of the time in our quantum world would hold the quantum particles in position forming atoms. We call this time the strong ( nuclear ) force. This time force binds neutrons and protons together in the cores of atoms and is a strong short range force. The weak nuclear or weak time force is in our real world where it causes beta decay which is the conversion of a neutron to a proton, an electron an anti-neutrino and various particles. Like the strong nuclear or time force, the weak nuclear or time force is also short range. Time in our real world is also a sticky force we call gravity. One version clamps us into place as it drags us forward in time towards the future. The other version of the sticky force acting as gravity was noticed by Einstein. That gravity is seen by us as bending around masses and weight. It's almost like space is a series of layered strings that gravity flexes around mass and weight causing light and time to flex too. Mass and weight under velocity or acceleration flexes the layered space strings causing this type of time gravity to pull us off course in space. The voyage of Voyageur through space is an example of this phenomena.

When ( g- time g+ ) stretched into the real part of our universe it also created space which weakened time's gravitational pull which still keeps us in place but also permits us to walk around and do things. ( g- time g+ ) stretched is really multiple strings which we now call string theory.

In summary, the three fundamental unified forces are:

1. Electromagnetic.

2. Nuclear ( Time acting as a weak and strong nuclear force )

3. Gravity ( Time acting as a sticky force & time acting as a loose force )

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