Friday, April 20, 2012

Time Is Everything

It turns out that time in its' various disguises is the theory of everything.

The classical world that you and I see every day consists of:

1. Time

2. Energy / Weight / Mass

3. Space

Einstein in his equation E = MC^2 said that energy and mass were equivalent. Weight, which is generally equivalent to mass, is the pull of gravity on an object. That is why Newton's apple fell from the tree since the pull of the earth ( gravity ) is greater than the pull of the apple ( gravity ) on the earth.

Time maintains order. The simplest example is clocks. Clocks mark time which is a form of order. Time is used to maintain order when we are given a time to meet someone in three dimensional space. To state the obvious, if I'm to meet you at a coffee shop I'd better know at what time. Time in space-time really means that time is used as a marker so we can efficiently meet someone or do something in space.

In summary, time in the real world is used as:

1. Location ( somewhere in three dimensional space at a particular time )

2. Measurement of velocity or acceleration ( kilometers / hr. or miles / hr.. )

3. Marker ( think of clocks here )

The quantum world is the reverse of the real world. Space in the quantum world is like time in our real world. Space doesn't physically exist except in the abstract like time in our world. Space in the quantum world is thought of as right here or over there. We can't travel through space in the quantum world because it doesn't physically exist. The quantum world is essentially about energy-time. In the quantum world, energy has to be applied to get from here to there. Electrons in orbit around a nucleus is an example of this phenomena. There is also a limit of how many electrons can be in each orbit. Generally speaking, the further out the orbit, the greater number of electrons that can be in it. Energy is a bit of a mystery. We talk about kinetic energy in our world which is the result of energy under motion at a velocity ( wind ) . Force in our world is accelerating energy ( f = ma ) or ( force = ( mass or weight ) X acceleration ). Time is also a bit of a mystery in the quantum world. In our real world, time has one direction forward in a predominately straight line in order to keep order. Time is simply a linear dimension which is largely useless as far as our interaction with it is concerned. This is done so elements of chaos won't be introduced into the system. Black Holes are an example of time chaos when interference is allowed.

Nobody knows how the universe started but let's assume that the unknown universe's quantum world was all about energy. Let's suppose that the unknown universe had a quantum world in which negative gravity ( g- ) and positive gravity ( g+ ) was connected by time ( time ) to form neutral energy ( g- & g+ together ) that looked like ( g- time g+ ). The ( g- time g+ ) broke free of that universe and the ( g- time g+ ) stretched into what is now our universe’s real and quantum world. This time stretching would separate the ( g- ) & ( g+ ) from each other which would eventually result in negative ( - ) and positive ( + ) charges along with negative ( - ) and positive ( + ) energy.. The former universe's rules would morph into the rules of our universe, but there would be a delay during the transition to the new rules. This means that time from the old universe would expand our universe faster than our universe's rules would seemingly allow if they were fully in force. Some of the plus gravity would convert into dark matter and dark energy. Some of the minus gravity would convert into the gravity that you and I know along with something I call sticky gravity. Sticky gravity is gravity that allows time to hold us in place as time pulls us, things and the universe, in general, in an orderly forward direction. Some of the time would convert into real space which is familiar to us. Real space consists of strings which flex. depending on whether a mass or weight is present. Einstein talked about this phenomena. Since time created space in our world, time also flexes along with non-sticky gravity which is also part of time. String space also flexes when a mass or weight has a velocity or acceleration. This flexing string space also flexes the time and non-sticky gravity which causes time delays and the mass and weight being drawn off course as it travels at velocity or is under acceleration. Some of the time in our quantum world would hold the quantum particles in position forming atoms. We call this time the strong ( nuclear ) force. The weak nuclear or weak time force in our real world lets particles such a electrons leave their atoms so we can generate electricity, do chemical reactions or form metals as well as other processes.

In summary Time in its' various disguises is:

1. Nuclear force ( strong & weak )

2. Gravity ( One sticky & one loose )

3. Space ( Stringy & flexible )

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