Thursday, May 28, 2009


I got thinking about war the other day. Most of us are competitive in nature but are constrained by the social mores of our society. Fortunately, most of us also live in the center of the old Bell Curve. Here we are reasonably competitive with each other without being downright unfriendly. Those on the extreme left of the Bell Curve have self esteem issues / are poor / are unfortunate which most of us try to help to the best of our ability and knowledge should we run across them. Those on the right of the Bell Curve are the more competitive people that accumulate more markers of success which we call money. These people become Titans Of Business / politicians / sports heroes which are the three main relatively safe competitive sports. On the extreme right of the old Bell Curve we have the near and outright dictators. Into this mix we add the uncertain future which comes to us in random events, consequences of decisions and perfect storms. Maturing dictatorships that have finally organized themselves are faced with trying to keep their people content without losing their power. Organizing people through fear and terror is relatively easy in principle but there comes a time that the usefulness of this approach has diminishing results so we have the problem of what to do next. In the old days before the invention of atomic weapons we simply started a war through design or miscalculated brinkmanship. Wars gave the people something to do and rallied them around the dictator / instigator. Wars used up excess capacity in the form of industrial goods and lowered unemployment as everyone went into the armed forces. WW1 is an excellent example of using up the capacity of the industrial revolution which needed markets. WW11 is an example of what to do with unemployment. The invention of atomic weapons meant that war could no longer be large scale. This development encouraged the invention of small scale armed insurgencies which weren’t worth atomic bombs. Beginning / developing dictatorships based on fear / terror / isolation have a natural tendency to believe their own propaganda because no one is prepared to risk death to tell the dictator that he / she’s courting disaster. Most dictators eventually become mesmerized by their own importance and start to push outside people / societies around. In the beginning most outside people / societies are willing to tolerate this behaviour in the hopes that it will go away. The dictator fed by his country’s accolades sees this accommodation as weakness and fear on the part of the outside people / societies. The dictator keeps pushing and pushing until finally the outside people / societies decide that the situation has to be permanently remedied no matter what. If this dictatorship has atomic weapons and if the outside people / societies don’t care about the consequences as long as the irritant is removed then ???? Today we have the perfect storm in the offing. World wide unemployment. Loss of success measured in units of money because of bailouts. North Korea with its’ atomic capacity / large army trying to gain respect in the only way it knows how. China with its’ need to maintain power yet let its’ people prosper because they know their society has matured. The United States as the good guys with its’ resources stretched and its’ beliefs / society being hammered externally and internally. The rest of us in the also ran category. Something has to give but where????

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Theory Of Everything

This universe is presently seen as events / particles / objects, strings and frames. Particles / objects are physical things that you and I can see, feel, and touch. Events are things that happen in our universe. Frames are concerned with Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity on a perspective basis where frames are either stationary or moving / changing relative to each other. Strings are the energy / force, time and space which we experience in various forms in our day to day activities. In the beginning, strings were tightly wound in a ball. The strings were energy, time, and space. Each ball was subject to all probabilities and possibilities. The balls in the mother universe frequently exploded into unwound super strings but remained in the mother universe. Eventually, before the Big Bang, one super ball of held strings hit the probability / possibility of leaving, creating our universe. The Big Bang, as seen by us, is the result of the super ball of held strings breaking apart into the three strings of energy, space and time. The rules of this universe weren’t settled instantaneously so the three strings of energy, space and time expanded under simultaneous possibility and probability according to the rules of the universe the super ball just left. After things started to settle down relatively, the strings started to release events / particles / objects which we see under various names and processes today. Residual strings still exist today, but because of our development of language we call them different things thus obscuring their origins. With the creation of events / particles / objects from strings we developed the habit of associating events / particles / objects with forces which are really energy strings by other names due to language / our effort to understand our environment. The forces are seen by us to have different strengths because our knowledge of energy strings isn’t complete. Today we also have Dark Matter / Dark Energy which may well be a remnant of our mother universe appearing in our universe due to the violent nature of this universe’s creation. Time strings in our universe basically move outward carrying everything with it. Space strings basically bend and flex which we explain in terms of The Theory Of Relativity. Energy strings release events / particles and objects which we see in various forms. Each event / particle / object has a string associated with it which we call different things. Mathematics is concerned with particles / objects which are both known and unknown. Strings can flex and bend which we see in the study of Geometry / Trigonometry. Calculus is associated with change which is basically an offshoot of The Theory Of Relativity. Lastly strings appear in string mathematics which is a new discovery and seems to be related to Primes and other interesting stuff which I don’t quite understand except to say it’s exciting.