Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Spiritual Or Religious

People are what they think in their hearts because Mind creates personal Reality. No one is confident in themselves so they are influenced by descriptive words and perceived knowledge of other people. There are always exceptions, so people’s thoughts and actions may, or may not be dictated by what others say or do. The individual’s conscience is really his or her Spiritual Soul telling his or her Earthly Soul in the form of an individual occupying a body to shape up on this one. All of us are surrounded with energy fields that respond to thought and deed, ours or someone else’s, so the consequence of the good and bad, pain or pleasure generated by a disturbed energy field does indeed create causes and effects which will be influentially good, influentially bad or influentially indifferent all coming from the instigator and unto the innocent and instigator singularly or combined. It is thus academic as to whether one is spiritual or religious because our 4 dimensions are indifferent to the occupants unless involved with God which is just a fancy way of saying unless someone is centered. The irony of course, is that sometimes God drafts us for her purpose which may appear to the great unwashed that God is totally disinterested in us which I suppose is the ultimate illusion.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


God has a tremendous sense of humor and her ultimate joke is us, the male species. Here’s what I mean. Men are undoubtedly faith personified!!! We’re the only specie that thinks that they can understand women. Men spend a lot of time in bars drinking themselves silly and talking about / trying to understand women. There is no personal degradation beyond our ability to try privately and in public in order to accomplish this goal. Heaven knows there are a lot of movies, plays etc.. that are based on the male’s determination to understand women. Everyone knows what a male is prepared to do in any relationship however fragile and fleeting to understand women. Ironic as it may seem, faith and stupidity seem to be each other’s handmaiden. Mine is not to reason where or why. As far as understanding women is concerned, it is God's ultimate joke because she has given us males "faith" that someday we will understand women. She has also blessed us with stupidity to keep on trying and the blessing of not knowing where faith ends and stupidity begins which as any woman knows spills over into our other endeavors. God in her mercy has designed us males as the perfect creature for her purpose. I suppose, when you think about it, us males are still carrying on the tradition of the cross and that is the real reason that Jesus is rolling his eyes in some paintings as he ponders how he got himself into that mess following the dictates of a woman!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006


As people think in their hearts, so are they.
As people continue to think in their hearts, so they remain.
As people remain in their thoughts, so they are.
As people do what they think, so they become.
As people become, "so are they."

Thoughts are one of the most powerful phenomena’s that exist in three dimensions. Strong thoughts can move / influence the surrounding energy fields in which we all exist. This sea of energy ebbs and flows and through this ebb and flow unintended consequences can be brought into existence. We have all kinds of examples mostly in wars which result in strong personalities that bring reality into existence. WW1 and WW11 are examples of what happens when uncontrolled thought brings The Law Of Unintended Consequences into reality. Thoughts determine your life because your thoughts have the ability to move the energy fields surrounding you. If you can move the energy fields around you, you can create reality. You have to be careful because if you have this ability you cannot harm others. This process goes beyond positive thinking which is primarily limited to influencing your attitude. Thoughts create your attitudes,, perception and reality in terms of energy fields. Thoughts also affect how others perceive you because that is what everyone sees next to the physical. Your Soul sits on top of your thoughts. You have three levels to your life, Your Soul, your Thoughts, your Experiences. All are functioning separately but are part of the whole known as "you".

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

True Love

Have you ever wondered why you fell in love with another person????? Usually it happens because of how they looked, how they treated us, flattered us etc. This is the fun and games stage of all relationships. Whoever is new, exciting, interesting and full of promise. Somewhere down the line, it stops because the relationship has been established. Seems we always set ourselves up for possible disappointments every time we get involved with someone else. At first they were everything we wanted in a relationship. We lived in a fantasy, daydreamed all day long of how life can be so beautiful with that other one. Sometimes you feel let down by them. Sometimes you feel ignored. They say they miss you but they are never around. They say they will do something and don't. There are all sorts of things one really needs to consider before it all begins to get serious. We can jump into it so fast that our mind is more on the lust than the true love that will sustain us through the tough times. The universe runs on a cycle of order, chaos, and restoration. Now we are out of order and into chaos. Hello true colors. Where is restoration???? Have we taken them for granted too long???? Where’s selfless love??? Where’s unconditional love??? Where’s listening???? Have we really screwed up true love?????