Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Spiritual Or Religious

People are what they think in their hearts because Mind creates personal Reality. No one is confident in themselves so they are influenced by descriptive words and perceived knowledge of other people. There are always exceptions, so people’s thoughts and actions may, or may not be dictated by what others say or do. The individual’s conscience is really his or her Spiritual Soul telling his or her Earthly Soul in the form of an individual occupying a body to shape up on this one. All of us are surrounded with energy fields that respond to thought and deed, ours or someone else’s, so the consequence of the good and bad, pain or pleasure generated by a disturbed energy field does indeed create causes and effects which will be influentially good, influentially bad or influentially indifferent all coming from the instigator and unto the innocent and instigator singularly or combined. It is thus academic as to whether one is spiritual or religious because our 4 dimensions are indifferent to the occupants unless involved with God which is just a fancy way of saying unless someone is centered. The irony of course, is that sometimes God drafts us for her purpose which may appear to the great unwashed that God is totally disinterested in us which I suppose is the ultimate illusion.

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