Wednesday, November 08, 2006

True Love

Have you ever wondered why you fell in love with another person????? Usually it happens because of how they looked, how they treated us, flattered us etc. This is the fun and games stage of all relationships. Whoever is new, exciting, interesting and full of promise. Somewhere down the line, it stops because the relationship has been established. Seems we always set ourselves up for possible disappointments every time we get involved with someone else. At first they were everything we wanted in a relationship. We lived in a fantasy, daydreamed all day long of how life can be so beautiful with that other one. Sometimes you feel let down by them. Sometimes you feel ignored. They say they miss you but they are never around. They say they will do something and don't. There are all sorts of things one really needs to consider before it all begins to get serious. We can jump into it so fast that our mind is more on the lust than the true love that will sustain us through the tough times. The universe runs on a cycle of order, chaos, and restoration. Now we are out of order and into chaos. Hello true colors. Where is restoration???? Have we taken them for granted too long???? Where’s selfless love??? Where’s unconditional love??? Where’s listening???? Have we really screwed up true love?????

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