Sunday, November 19, 2006


God has a tremendous sense of humor and her ultimate joke is us, the male species. Here’s what I mean. Men are undoubtedly faith personified!!! We’re the only specie that thinks that they can understand women. Men spend a lot of time in bars drinking themselves silly and talking about / trying to understand women. There is no personal degradation beyond our ability to try privately and in public in order to accomplish this goal. Heaven knows there are a lot of movies, plays etc.. that are based on the male’s determination to understand women. Everyone knows what a male is prepared to do in any relationship however fragile and fleeting to understand women. Ironic as it may seem, faith and stupidity seem to be each other’s handmaiden. Mine is not to reason where or why. As far as understanding women is concerned, it is God's ultimate joke because she has given us males "faith" that someday we will understand women. She has also blessed us with stupidity to keep on trying and the blessing of not knowing where faith ends and stupidity begins which as any woman knows spills over into our other endeavors. God in her mercy has designed us males as the perfect creature for her purpose. I suppose, when you think about it, us males are still carrying on the tradition of the cross and that is the real reason that Jesus is rolling his eyes in some paintings as he ponders how he got himself into that mess following the dictates of a woman!!!

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