Thursday, April 27, 2006


It has occurred to me, that next to The Second Lady, who can do what she wants when she feels like it, we are the only creatures that can live in multiple dimensions either physically or through mind. Most of us thoroughly trust our physical being because our reality is based on what we can eyeball. Our mind is trickier because it isn’t something that has any relationship with our physical world beyond the concept of "thinking" and "interpreting". Some famous person said "I think therefore, I am" or words to that effect. If you don’t believe me, just "think" of a description of yourself and then ask your friends how they "interpret" you. You and I exist in multiple dimensions. Dimension Zero has none because this is where our imagination is located which requires no dimension to operate efficiently. Dimension 1 contains Time because it has no width and only moves in one forward direction. Dimension 2 is Reality. We move from here to there which only requires 2 dimensions. Dimension 3 contains decisions which has its’ sometimes partners Randomness and Chaos. Randomness and Chaos bring variety into our lives and makes life interesting. Dimension 4 contains emotion. Emotion is our human quality. Emotion or feelings or hate or ultimately love is what makes this universe spin. If you don’t think so, look up my friend and watch the universe go round. Perhaps The Second Lady is trying to tell us something?????

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ultimate Symbiosis

This is a "What If" story. Let’s suppose there exists a magical place that is called The Substance of Being that is entirely run by and controlled by The Second Lady. Not everyone is invited into The Substance Of Being for reasons best known to The Second Lady. Now The Second Lady can do as she wants and desires, but in this particular case she decided that someone should be taken into The Substance Of Being which is a place of unadulterated and ultimate love. Now the person involved could just as well be taken into The Substance Of Being with no fuss at all and obviously that would be the end of the story. The Second Lady, however, had a problem on her hands. There was a gentleman, who had a psychic gift that The Second Lady wanted to have strengthened but the gentleman, in question, was diddling around in spite of the hints from The Second Lady’s Intermediaries. The Second Lady got fed up waiting and started to arrange events to accomplish her purpose. Before the gentleman had time to decide, whether he was punched, bored or bolted together he found that he was in love with the person that was to be within The Substance Of Being and she with him. This was not an ordinary run of the mill love but one that The Second Lady was directing and was not prepared to take "no" for an answer. The Second Lady has also revealed the power of the force that joins these two people and the force that exists between The Second Lady and each of the participants on an individual basis. Needless, to say the hypothetical, unnamed gentleman, is now paying attention!!!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Everything in this universe is a soul based Being in a three dimensional form. This includes rocks as well as trees and flesh based living animals. Flesh based Beings have genetics which provide a pattern for their birth and eventual form. Rocks and other seemingly dead objects are based on chemistry and individual physical processes in order to be created. Everything created is different, yet the same. The same chemical formula will create the same object. The same genetic pieces when assembled using different means will produce a flesh based creature. Everything can be reformed. Flesh based Beings through surgery. Chemical based objects through various processes. Both flesh and chemical based objects experience birth and death. Birth and death are a form of recycling. The only thing that is saved is the Soul. The Soul is dimensionless and timeless. The Head Soul is The Second Lady. She, like all women, calls the shots. The male’s sole function in the master plan is to provide the chaos and randomness to keep the universe churning. The female’s sole function is to provide the stability and consistent environment to keep everything from exploding. That is why, my friends, that males and females will never completely understand each other, yet each are necessary and through The Second Lady’s wisdom and purpose inevitably drawn to each other.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Love Force

There’re three kinds of love. The first is physical love based on looks. The second is spiritual between two Souls. The third love combines the physical, the Souls and The Second Lady. The third love is the strongest because it involves three elements similar to a triangle which is the strongest form of construction. The feeling of love is essentially an attraction between two individuals. You can think of it as a force. The love force between two people based on looks is the commonest and weakest because, it is something we can see and choose, yet, physically speaking, it won’t last because our looks deteriorate the fastest. The love force involving two souls is the next strongest because souls don’t have a three dimensional form that deteriorates. Our souls may be entirely different from our physical persona, yet compatible with one another which adds to the confusion. The third love is the ultimate. Here you have a love that is controlled by The Second Lady. You, in your physical form, have no control. It "Just Is", whether you accept it or not. The love force is run and maintained by The Second Lady. What The Second Lady wants, she gets. The Second Lady uses the Love Force to arrange and manipulate events in your life to achieve the purpose she has in mind by making it all seem natural and logical. In two dimensions it resembles a triangle. In three dimensions it resembles a pyramid. You know how long pyramids last, don’t you????