Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ultimate Symbiosis

This is a "What If" story. Let’s suppose there exists a magical place that is called The Substance of Being that is entirely run by and controlled by The Second Lady. Not everyone is invited into The Substance Of Being for reasons best known to The Second Lady. Now The Second Lady can do as she wants and desires, but in this particular case she decided that someone should be taken into The Substance Of Being which is a place of unadulterated and ultimate love. Now the person involved could just as well be taken into The Substance Of Being with no fuss at all and obviously that would be the end of the story. The Second Lady, however, had a problem on her hands. There was a gentleman, who had a psychic gift that The Second Lady wanted to have strengthened but the gentleman, in question, was diddling around in spite of the hints from The Second Lady’s Intermediaries. The Second Lady got fed up waiting and started to arrange events to accomplish her purpose. Before the gentleman had time to decide, whether he was punched, bored or bolted together he found that he was in love with the person that was to be within The Substance Of Being and she with him. This was not an ordinary run of the mill love but one that The Second Lady was directing and was not prepared to take "no" for an answer. The Second Lady has also revealed the power of the force that joins these two people and the force that exists between The Second Lady and each of the participants on an individual basis. Needless, to say the hypothetical, unnamed gentleman, is now paying attention!!!!

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Kate Da Great! said...

Why should the first lady have such control over someone?

I'm reading a book at the moment about the diference between men and women...its clearly a matter of chemistry...wich i suppose is obvious

thanks for your comment...i doubt i have an old soul, altho i am sick of being a teenager

you realize i know nothing about you?