Sunday, April 16, 2006


Everything in this universe is a soul based Being in a three dimensional form. This includes rocks as well as trees and flesh based living animals. Flesh based Beings have genetics which provide a pattern for their birth and eventual form. Rocks and other seemingly dead objects are based on chemistry and individual physical processes in order to be created. Everything created is different, yet the same. The same chemical formula will create the same object. The same genetic pieces when assembled using different means will produce a flesh based creature. Everything can be reformed. Flesh based Beings through surgery. Chemical based objects through various processes. Both flesh and chemical based objects experience birth and death. Birth and death are a form of recycling. The only thing that is saved is the Soul. The Soul is dimensionless and timeless. The Head Soul is The Second Lady. She, like all women, calls the shots. The male’s sole function in the master plan is to provide the chaos and randomness to keep the universe churning. The female’s sole function is to provide the stability and consistent environment to keep everything from exploding. That is why, my friends, that males and females will never completely understand each other, yet each are necessary and through The Second Lady’s wisdom and purpose inevitably drawn to each other.

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Kate Da Great! said...

Does a rock have a soul?

My mum told me a couple of weeks ago that some people believe that fish don't have souls...its easy to believe don't you think? they have such glassy eyes and eerie movements...itd also justify why some vegetarians eat fish.

I think in order to buy the concept of the soul, you have to believe in something bigger than life. id say our souls are for reincarnation, recycling...but there is no doubt in my mind that we do definitly all have them. its evident if you consider a dead body...its just a shell. Whether the soul is the reason men and women don't understand each other, i'm not sure, but i suppose it probably is.

thanks for your comment :)

love kate