Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Love Force

There’re three kinds of love. The first is physical love based on looks. The second is spiritual between two Souls. The third love combines the physical, the Souls and The Second Lady. The third love is the strongest because it involves three elements similar to a triangle which is the strongest form of construction. The feeling of love is essentially an attraction between two individuals. You can think of it as a force. The love force between two people based on looks is the commonest and weakest because, it is something we can see and choose, yet, physically speaking, it won’t last because our looks deteriorate the fastest. The love force involving two souls is the next strongest because souls don’t have a three dimensional form that deteriorates. Our souls may be entirely different from our physical persona, yet compatible with one another which adds to the confusion. The third love is the ultimate. Here you have a love that is controlled by The Second Lady. You, in your physical form, have no control. It "Just Is", whether you accept it or not. The love force is run and maintained by The Second Lady. What The Second Lady wants, she gets. The Second Lady uses the Love Force to arrange and manipulate events in your life to achieve the purpose she has in mind by making it all seem natural and logical. In two dimensions it resembles a triangle. In three dimensions it resembles a pyramid. You know how long pyramids last, don’t you????


Vanathi said...

What is "Second lady" ? May be i missed to read that term...

Jane said...

The Second Lady is Alex's god I believe.

Sometimes it's wierd how your thoughts are so close to mine - your analyising of things, life. Love it and cherish these musings.