Thursday, April 27, 2006


It has occurred to me, that next to The Second Lady, who can do what she wants when she feels like it, we are the only creatures that can live in multiple dimensions either physically or through mind. Most of us thoroughly trust our physical being because our reality is based on what we can eyeball. Our mind is trickier because it isn’t something that has any relationship with our physical world beyond the concept of "thinking" and "interpreting". Some famous person said "I think therefore, I am" or words to that effect. If you don’t believe me, just "think" of a description of yourself and then ask your friends how they "interpret" you. You and I exist in multiple dimensions. Dimension Zero has none because this is where our imagination is located which requires no dimension to operate efficiently. Dimension 1 contains Time because it has no width and only moves in one forward direction. Dimension 2 is Reality. We move from here to there which only requires 2 dimensions. Dimension 3 contains decisions which has its’ sometimes partners Randomness and Chaos. Randomness and Chaos bring variety into our lives and makes life interesting. Dimension 4 contains emotion. Emotion is our human quality. Emotion or feelings or hate or ultimately love is what makes this universe spin. If you don’t think so, look up my friend and watch the universe go round. Perhaps The Second Lady is trying to tell us something?????


Kate Da Great! said...

Perhaps the first lady created all four dimensions to entertain herself with. I don't see as much evidence for her being as wonderful as some belive, as i do for her being cruel. But then it's all what you look for, isnt it? Of course, when we do stumble across her finest work it can last us a life time, where as the troubles she throws at us are only temporary.

Each dimension is beautiful, so the final product has to be out of this world, and yet its the only thing in this world that we actually recognize. Why is it that someone can be close to perfect on the first 3 dimensions, but considered ugly because of the last?
thank you for your comment. its easy to get hung up on the fundamentals, or rather, to repeat the questions that we see so often on doctors forms.

Anyways, mystery is more fun

Vanathi said...

Missed many post of urs... Have to read...