Wednesday, December 28, 2005


First there was an idea. Next came a plan. After that came the dreams of a future. Then worry came in the form of nerves, and random suffocation. Finally fleeting moments of trying to find meaning. Such are the steps of life and love.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Fitting In

Fitting in is all about relationships. Fitting in is probably next to the survival imperative. We all want to belong to something or someone. We all want to be loved and to have friends and if we are really cooking maybe a soulmate or two. Before the invention of blogging, fitting in required everyone to have a physical presence with that other person. It was easy if you were the same gender. Not so easy if you weren’t the same gender. The problem arose because between genders there were boyfriends and girlfriends. Sure the boyfriend and girlfriend will say that they are understanding and may sincerely believe it. The problem arose because everyone has a built-in survival imperative that switches on in the presence of a threat. The survival imperative mechanism doesn’t live in the subtleties. It is all or nothing. The best solution for the survival imperative is not to have the perceived threat around. Blogging doesn’t require anyone to have a physical presence with the opposite gender. As long as you have reasonable social skills, vocabulary, and can write an understandable sentence you’re in. When you post on someone’s blog they can either reply or ignore you. Nothing’s simpler. If someone replies, you’re on your way to establishing an emotional relationship. It is unencumbered by boyfriends and girlfriends. For me, it is the closest thing you can have on earth to a relationship with The Second Lady. Unbounded, unconditional, and unfettered love!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Why did The Second Lady chose a man rather than a woman to bring her message to earth??? It seems reasonable to me that a woman would have been the logical choice. Let’s face it. Woman have raised more men, on average, than anyone else including chance. They are problem solvers. They can sense future events better than most men. So why??? The Second Lady chose a man because men generally screw things up which was the major requirement in this instance. It all comes down to the sad fact that if something is to be remembered you have to screw it up first. Heaven knows the number of books that have been generated by a male’s stupidity. If a woman had been chosen no one would have remembered the "message" because it would have been delivered efficiently and that would have been that. Perhaps this is a man’s true function in life. To basically screw things up. The Second Lady, for a job well done, has made us men generally clueless so our feelings will never be hurt.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Eyeballs or Gut????

The saving grace for most of us is that we lead essentially dull and unexciting lives. I suspect the reason for this is due to our inability to handle a full blown relationship based on personality. Most people have a relationship based on what they can eyeball. The ladies go for Pecs, Abs and a tight rear. The men for anything that looks reasonable and has boobs attached to it. A personality relationship is the ultimate wild ride. To add to the fun, it may be someone involved in one of the arts, such as acting, where success is measured by their ability to interact convincingly with strangers. You know intellectually and emotionally that everything is OK but that person on the screen seems to have chemistry with every stranger. Do you trust your eyeballs or gut???