Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Why did The Second Lady chose a man rather than a woman to bring her message to earth??? It seems reasonable to me that a woman would have been the logical choice. Let’s face it. Woman have raised more men, on average, than anyone else including chance. They are problem solvers. They can sense future events better than most men. So why??? The Second Lady chose a man because men generally screw things up which was the major requirement in this instance. It all comes down to the sad fact that if something is to be remembered you have to screw it up first. Heaven knows the number of books that have been generated by a male’s stupidity. If a woman had been chosen no one would have remembered the "message" because it would have been delivered efficiently and that would have been that. Perhaps this is a man’s true function in life. To basically screw things up. The Second Lady, for a job well done, has made us men generally clueless so our feelings will never be hurt.


shyloh said...

I think some men hurt, some cry, and for those who don't show it are sad. Because everybody hurts sometime.

Most men don't screw up. Things just happen.

Jane said...

Have a wonderful holiday... Thank you for being protective of me and our blogger-friendship ;)